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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - An Exclusive Guide to 2BHK Home Interior Designs

Overview of Home Interior Design for 2BHK House

Welcome to the enchanting world of home interior design, where creativity meets functionality to transform the humble confines of a 2BHK house into a haven of style and comfort. In this captivating overview, we embark on a journey through the art and science of interior design, exploring how to make every square foot of your living space truly remarkable. As we delve into the intricacies of color schemes, furniture placement, and the delicate balance between form and function, you'll discover that a well-designed 2BHK house can offer boundless possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned design enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of aesthetics, this guide will inspire you to craft an interior that not only reflects your unique personality but also maximizes the potential of your space. So, prepare to be inspired as we unlock the secrets of creating a harmonious, stylish, and inviting home within the cozy confines of a 2 BHK dwelling.

10 Types of Home Interior Design for 2 BHK Houses

Designing the interiors of a 2BHK house offers a variety of possibilities, allowing you to customize your space to suit your preferences and needs. 

Here are 15 different types of home interior design styles that you can consider for your 2BHK house:

Traditional Interior Design:

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional interior design is more ornate and formal than contemporary design. It features rich colours, heavy fabrics, and classic furniture pieces.

Modern Interior Design: 

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design is similar to contemporary design, but it's more streamlined and minimalist. It often features bold colours and geometric shapes.

Industrial Interior Design: 

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial interior design is inspired by old factories and warehouses. It features exposed brick, metal pipes, and concrete floors.

Bohemian Interior Design: 

Bohemian Interior Design

Characterized by vibrant colours, eclectic decor, and a mix of patterns, Bohemian design encourages a free-spirited and relaxed atmosphere.

Rustic Interior Design: 

Rustic Interior Design

Combining rustic charm with modern amenities, this style incorporates reclaimed wood, vintage pieces, and cozy fabrics for a cozy, countryside feel.

Coastal Interior Design: 

Coastal Interior Design

Coastal interior design is inspired by the beach. It features light colours, natural materials, and seashell accents. Ideal for seaside homes, coastal design incorporates beachy colours, natural materials, and nautical elements for a relaxed and airy atmosphere.

Mediterranean Interior Design: 

Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean interior design is warm and inviting. It features terracotta tiles, arched doorways, and wrought iron accents.

Japanese Interior Design: 

Japanese Interior Design

Japanese interior design is minimalist and serene. It features clean lines, natural materials, and earth tones.

Vintage Style Interior Design: 

Vintage Style Interior Design

Nostalgic and fun, vintage retro design incorporates furniture and decor from different eras, creating a charming and whimsical ambiance. 

Art Deco Interior Design:

Art Deco Interior Design

Inspired by the 1920s, Art Deco design features bold geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and glamorous accents, adding a touch of opulence to your space.

Room Interior Design for 2BHK House

Room interior design for a 2BHK house is the process of creating a stylish and functional living space within the limited confines of two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. It involves careful consideration of space planning, furniture placement, colour scheme, lighting, and accessories. The goal is to create a comfortable and inviting space while also making the most of the available space. This can be achieved by using a variety of design techniques, such as choosing the right furniture scale, using light colours, creating focal points, using mirrors, and adding personal touches.

Kitchen Interior Design for 2 BHK House 

Kitchen interior design for a 2 BHK house is a crucial aspect of creating a functional and inviting living space. Since 2 BHK houses are typically smaller in size, it is important to use space wisely and create a kitchen design that is both efficient and stylish. To give it the best look, use a glass backsplash, install skylight, add open shelves and keep a breakfast counter.

Living Room Interior Design for 2BHK House

Living room interior design for a 2BHK house entails a thoughtful and space-efficient approach. To optimize the limited square footage, select appropriately sized furniture and multifunctional pieces. Utilize a neutral colour palette to create a sense of openness, and incorporate mirrors to enhance the perception of space. Strategic lighting, including ambient, task, and accent lighting, can set the mood and visually expand the area. Employ smart storage solutions to minimize clutter and maintain an organized environment. Personalise the space with carefully chosen decor elements, such as artwork, rugs, and cushions, to infuse character and warmth into the living room while maintaining a harmonious and functional design.

15 Best Home Interior Design Ideas for Flats

Here are 15 of the best home interior design ideas for flats, with explanations:

Use light colours:

According to our interior designers in Bangalore, light colours can make a small space feel larger and brighter. When choosing paint colours and other finishes for your flat, opt for mostly light colours with pops of brighter colours used as accents.

Create focal points:

Focal points are areas in a room that draw the attention of the eye. Creating focal points can help to make a small space feel more visually interesting. Focal points can be created with furniture, artwork, or architectural features.

Use mirrors:

Mirrors can help to reflect light and make a small space feel larger. When placing mirrors in your flat, it is important to place them strategically so that they reflect light back into the room.

Add personal touches:

According to our interior designers in Pune, personal touches, such as family heirlooms, photographs, and artwork, can help to make your flat feel like home. When adding personal touches, it is important to do so in a way that does not clutter up the space.

Choose the right furniture:

Furniture that is too large or too small for a room can make it feel cramped or cluttered. When choosing furniture for your flat, it is important to select pieces that are the right size for the space and that will not overwhelm it.

Use multifunctional furniture:

Multifunctional furniture can help you to save space and make your flat more efficient. For example, a coffee table with storage can serve as both a surface for drinks and snacks and a place to store blankets and pillows.

Use layers of lighting: 

Layers of lighting can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your flat. Consider using a combination of overhead lighting, floor lamps, and table lamps to create different lighting moods.

Add plants: 

Plants can help to add life and freshness to your flat. When choosing plants for your flat, it is important to select plants that are the right size for the space and that will not overwhelm it.

Use vertical space to your advantage: 

Vertical space is often overlooked, but it can be a great way to add storage and functionality to a small flat. Consider installing cabinets and shelves that reach to the ceiling, or using a wall-mounted backsplash.

Create a sense of flow: 

When designing your home, it is important to create a sense of flow from one room to the next. This can be achieved by using similar colour schemes and design elements throughout the space.

Use storage wisely: 

Storage is key in a small flat. Make sure to use all of the available storage space, including vertical space, under-bed storage, and hidden storage.

Keep it clean and clutter-free: 

According to our interior designers in Chennai, clutter can make a small space feel even smaller. Make sure to keep your flat clean and clutter-free to create a more spacious and inviting feel.

By following these tips, you can create a beautiful and functional home interior design for your flat.

Things to consider while choosing an interior design for a 2BHK House - 

Selecting the right interior design for a 2BHK house is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the functionality, aesthetics, and overall atmosphere of your living space. Firstly, efficient space utilization is paramount. Ensure that furniture and layouts are chosen to make the most of the available area without overcrowding or causing congestion. Functionality is equally important; prioritize designs that align with your daily needs and enhance the flow of the space. Effective lighting planning, a balance of materials and textures, and adherence to a set budget are also crucial. Personal touches and adaptability for future changes in your lifestyle or needs should not be overlooked. Lastly, consider consulting with an interior designer for expert guidance in bringing your vision to life. In conclusion, a thoughtful approach to interior design in a 2BHK house can result in a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional living space tailored to your unique preferences and requirements.

How much does it cost for a 2BHK Home Interior Design?

The cost can fluctuate from the material chosen and availability. At Decorpot, the starting prices of home interior designs commence from 3,50,000/-

How can Decorpot help you?

Decorpot is a professional interior design company that can be immensely helpful in transforming your 2BHK home into a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing living space. With over 4,250+ projects completed, their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to your vision can result in a beautifully designed and functional living space that you'll be proud to call home.

Feel free to contact and book an appointment now @ 91086-02000

FAQ's on 2 BHK Interior Designs

Q1. How to design interiors for a 2BHK Flat?

Designing interiors for a 2BHK flat is to optimize space, choose versatile furniture, use light colours, prioritize functionality and personalize decor.

Q2. How much does a 2BHK interior cost? 

The cost depends on the availability of materials selected, design requested and location of the home.


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