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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas

What started as a cartoon character in 1974 by a Japanese company, soon became a global icon. Loved by every girl across the world, and even used in concerts and posh venues, Hello Kitty has now become an evergreen decor theme for kids’ rooms. So how can you bring this cute Japanese cat into your interior design while keeping things unique and within budget? Decorpot shows you how.

White Walls with Pink Accents

Choosing the color theme for your Hello Kitty room is pretty straightforward-pink and white! If the idea of bright pink walls feels daunting then invest in bright white painted walls with pink furniture and Hello Kitty-themed electrical fixtures. From printed fans to custom headboard for the bed, the option is limitless. This is a highly demanded theme by many clients, so our interior designers in Hyderabad are the perfect people to suggest what to do and what not to.

Going Subtle with Hello Kitty

While children get obsessed with new things, they also fall out of it as they grow up. Going subtle with the pink theme is perfect for children transitioning from being kids to teenagers. Instead of in-your-face decor, you can choose to have one accent wall with Hello Kitty design, or have theme-based trinklets in the room, like ‘Hello’ accessories tray, or a lamp in the shape of the Japanese doll. You could also skip the colour pink and opt for subtle shades of blues and greys for a contrasting themed room that your child will love for sure.

Hello Beauty!

Want to just introduce this design to your little ones? Instead of investing in redoing the room, say hello to small yet beautiful changes, like having Hello Kitty designed bed linens and quilts. See how your little bosses react to it and bring about the changes accordingly. Like the top interior designers in Bangalore say, any interior change is worth investing in only if your house can become a home.

Accessorize the Right Way

Transform your child’s room into a fun and laughter den with cute accessories that even you will love! Instead of big, bold designs, make the room ‘Kittilicious’ by adding the Kitty into smaller nooks and corners, like the knobs of the cabinet or using the figurines as bookends. This is also a great idea if your children share the room, so that the theme is not overwhelming for a non-fan.

Hello Kitty Playroom

If you have enough space in your home, then our expert bedroom interior designers in Bangalore suggest converting a corner into a themed playroom. And what better theme than Hello Kitty! The space under the stairs will be perfect to create a ‘world’ where your children and their friends can play. You can add a canopy stuffed with their favorite toys, and keep it functional by adding a small desk on the side. Remember to invest in quality pieces, or have them custom built by experienced interior designers in Bangalore, for a home that lasts forever.

Hello Kitty is a theme that is loved by girls of all ages, and if you think that your little one will love it too, then maybe surprise them with a themed room makeover! Still confused about how to make your home look different yet stay within your budget? Our top home interior designers in Bangalore can help you out.

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