15 Kids Bedroom Interior Design Ideas in Chennai

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 15 Kids Bedroom Interior Design Ideas in Chennai

A lot of brainstorming goes on while creating a magnificent kid's room. Different ideas, color palettes, and playful elements are experimented with to construct a dreamy kid's room. What did you want as a child for your bedroom? We know your kid's bedroom design ideas might be super cool with all the elements you are fond of.

We have always enjoyed implementing the ideas that our clients bring to us for building their kids' rooms. Some prefer an all-wooden theme, while many others desire a vibrant playroom. As a result, we've compiled some of the best kids bedroom  interior design ideas from the best interior designers in chennai to consider when considering kid-friendly interior design

Ultra-modern styled bedroom

Ultra modern styled bedroom

This bedroom style is perfect for people who want to add a contemporary touch to their kid's bedroom. Although the interiors may appear modern and lustrous, they still have a playful touch. Both kids and teenagers will love this design. The bedroom includes sufficient storage options, a bay window settee, and a compact study unit

Concentrated lighting in your kid's room

Many activities, from long homework to playful sessions, take place inside a kid's bedroom. That's why multi-layered lighting will appeal to and cater to their different needs without boring them. Concentrated task lightings, such as table lamps and soft lighting, is best for relaxed activities.

Confetti-style walls

Confetti-style walls

The chic mural will infuse a room with energy thanks to the combination of soft and playful colors used in the confetti as it gracefully showers the design. This cheerful confetti pattern is ideal for a child's nursery or bedroom because it can match various color schemes.

Light Coloured walls

White, pastel colors, and other neutral hues are better choices for children's bedroom interiors when they are young. These can be replaced with bright curtains, quirky, colorful furniture, and lively rugs and carpets. Little kids also frequently write and scribble on walls, and neutral-colored walls are simpler to paint over.

Styling with plants

Consider assisting your children in decorating their rooms with some of our favorite plants for kids if you want to spark their interest in plants. You should choose suitable plants for your children's room that are also simple to maintain and grow. In addition, it fosters a sense of care and responsibility in your child.

Innovative Concept for a Shared Room

A larger bed will likely be required if more than two children share the room. A lot of imagination, too! Furthermore, if the children are of different ages, it may be necessary for the older children to watch over the younger ones. Instead, use a bed that prevents your child from rolling off and has safety features.

A Vibrant Art Zone 

Kids can be distracted from their devices with the help of an art area—at least for an hour. Interior designers in chennai used components like a wallpapered feature wall in cheery shades of orange, pink, and green that she coordinated with fabulously loud drapes to create the artsy room.

A Desk Station

A Desk Station

You could add a small desk and call it good or design a custom desk area for your lovely child's room. The custom millwork enhances the space, giving it an opulent appearance. All of the hidden storage is also useful.

The Garden paradise 

Florals must be mentioned while we're talking about patterns. A beautiful way to introduce a backdrop for the furniture in the room is to cover it in flowers, wallpaper, or paneling. This look will appeal to your child. 

Starry Theme

Kids adore planetary or galaxy themes for their bedrooms because they create a fantasy world and provide a lot of visual stimulation. Unfortunately, there is so much room for experimentation. For instance, you could pair futuristic custom furniture with wallpaper that depicts the solar system on the ceiling.

Earthly Designs

The child's bedroom's natural design imparts a calming atmosphere. There is a feeling of earthy décor thanks to the organic wooden textures and the greenery. Children are urged to use their imaginations in such an ambiance.

Dreamy Whimsical Design

A whimsical design is made considering the functionality of an adult style combined with a child's imagination. This design strikes the ideal balance between boho and fun kids' room décor ideas to create a sanctuary worthy of rest.

Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design is simplistic and uses lighter-colored woods and straightforward furniture, making it ideal for designing kid-friendly living spaces. The warm textures will make the room more cozier and more livable for them.

Polka Dot & Geometry

There are numerous options for polka dot wallpaper, including different color schemes and pattern sizes. Geometric wallpapers have been popular for a long time and don't appear to be going out of style anytime soon. It's the best idea for a girl's bedroom, to be precise.

Superheroes Theme 

Nowadays, people prefer selecting more gender-neutral colors when decorating a child's room to help their children avoid being exposed to stereotypical gender roles. Superhero theme wallpapers typically feature characters like Batman, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, or the Avengers and are among the most popular wallpaper options for boys' bedrooms in 2023.


After reading all the kids' bedroom design ideas from our interior designers in chennai, you might be unsure which interior design will work best for your child's room. You might be concerned about the person who can implement these dream ideas. At Decorpot, we offer individual consultations with our experts to address these questions and help our clients with similar issues.

You can build the kids' bedroom as you see fit using your skills and the advice of our experts. So why are you still waiting? Contact us and select your preferred children's bedroom design.