A Complete Guide to Types of Wardrobe Designs

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - A Complete Guide to Types of Wardrobe Designs

Have you been imagining owning a wardrobe that looks straight out of a movie set?

Wardrobes are one of the most frequently used furniture in your bedroom. Choosing the right wardrobe design can make your life easier with simpler and accessible storage options.

You can pick so many wardrobe designs based on your bedroom size, storage needs, and design specifications. Choosing a particular wardrobe style is the first place to start.

What Are the Different Wardrobe Styles?

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe

This design is particularly suitable for bedrooms with small spaces. You can make the wardrobe look stylish and compact with a sliding door that doesn’t intrude with your bedroom decor. You can go for overlapping sliding doors or in-line doors based on your space constraints. Our interior designers in Bangalore will help you to choose the right sliding door mechanism.

Wardrobe + Dresser

This is one of the standard wardrobe designs that our home interior designers in chennai have been asked for. In this style, you’ll have several wardrobe doors along with a built-in dresser complete with a mirror and an open storage shelf.

Walk-In Wardrobe

Walk In Wardrobe

We don’t need to tell you enough about how amazing a walk-in wardrobe would be! Decorpot’s bedroom interior designers in Bangalore have worked on several projects to design a walk-in wardrobe with so many storage spaces, drawers and dressers to style the space.

Wardrobe + Study Unit

The best interior designers in Hyderabad says, a multipurpose wardrobe with a built-in study unit is best for your kid’s room or a working person’s room. Since the study unit will be placed in line with the wardrobe, it wouldn’t hinder moving around the space. You can customize the wardrobe as you wish and include drawers and upper shelves with the study unit.

Wardrobe + Bookshelf/TV Unit

Wardrobe Bookshelf

Some don’t want a separate wardrobe, a book shelf and a TV unit instead of an all-in-one. We can design this wardrobe with an open bookshelf in one corner and a TV unit in the middle. This would make the bedroom look spacious and modern.

Wardrobe + Loft

This wardrobe can be made into a simple wardrobe or a wardrobe along with a dresser and a loft. When you have lots of stuff that you don’t often need but want to store in a separate space, this loft design would come in handy.

Glass Wardrobe

Glass Wardrobe

When you want your bedroom to ooze out style, you can opt for a sleek glass wardrobe and look luxurious. Our interior designers in Bangalore use a hinge-door wardrobe or a sliding door wardrobe with a glass design with aluminium frames.

Next Steps to Choosing a Wardrobe Design

Choosing a Wardrobe Design

  • Once you’ve chosen the design, you can then select the material of the wardrobe. You can choose from MDF, plywood and wood for normal wardrobes. If it’s for sliding door wardrobes, you can go for glass doors.
  • After choosing the base material, you can pick the finishing material like UV, acrylic, aluminium, laminate and lacquer. 
  • Once you’ve chosen the major details, now we can dial down to the minor things like selecting the accessories inside the wardrobe. You can go for pull-down drawers, multifunctional pull-out drawers, shoe racks, trouser/shirt holders, pull-out hangers, etc.

Our interior designers in Bangalore can help you pick out the right wardrobe style, materials, finishes and accessories based on your space and budget. If you want to build beautiful interiors in Bangalore, reach out to Decorpot now to transform the look of your bedroom wardrobe that you will love.

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