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Wardrobes are an essential part of your bedroom. Before, they used to eat up a lot of space in your room. But nowadays, in modern homes, built-in wardrobes are game changers that are multifunctional and also make a good visual appeal to your bedroom. There are a lot of designs that are customizable according to your lifestyle and the space of your room available. Let's look into some of the most relevant and happening designs right now.

Mirror door wardrobes

mirror door wardrobes

Mirror door wardrobes are one of the most famous designs nowadays. They not only look good but also eliminate the need for a separate dressing table. They go very well with small bedrooms as they are space concerned. They cost significantly less than wooden designs and also make your room brighter.

Fiberboard wardrobes

Fiberboard wardrobes are look-alikes of wooden finished wardrobes but are lightweight and cost less than them. They give a minimal look to your bedroom and also save you some space. Many small apartments tend to go with a fiberboard design since it is cost-effective.

Transparent glass cupboards wardrobes

transparent glass cupboard wardrobes

Glass wardrobes are exemplars of modern wardrobes. They are more attractive, trendy, and stylish and also save you some cost while being easily accessible. The matte glass gives a classy touch to your bedroom. As per the best interior designers in Hyderabad, adding lights inside them will bring a sense of luxury. You can also prefer sliding doors so their chances of getting damaged will be reduced.

Floor to ceiling wardrobes

floor to ceiling wardrobes

These kinds of wardrobes give you excellent use of space and can be used for multiple purposes. Adding small drawers below, a long closet in the middle, and a medium-sized cupboard at the top will solve most of your storage problems. Wood is the best material for this all in all wardrobe since you will have multiple cabinets.

Book shelf wardrobes

This one is an instant go for bibliophiles. It reduces the cost and space for a separate bookshelf. And the collection of your books can give you a positive and vibrant look to the room. Those open shelves can also let you add decorative items, which is an added advantage.

Off White Wardrobe With Laminate Finish

If you're looking for a modern wardrobe that will cater to all your needs, look no further than the ones designed by interior designers in Chennai. These wardrobes come with a media section in the center, perfect for holding all your electronics, and open shelves and drawers for easy access to whatever you need. The tall doors on either side are ideal for hanging clothes and storing accessories, and the low-maintenance design means you won't have to worry about keeping it clean. Plus, the silver handles add a touch of class.

Simple Wardrobe

If you're looking for a stylish and spacious wardrobe for your bedroom, then this option from interior designers in Chennai is a great choice. The wardrobe is simple and elegant, with a glossy finish that will complement your room's walls. It's functional, too, with plenty of space to store your belongings. Plus, the mirror on one door and the sidewall make getting ready in the morning a breeze.


It is evident that wardrobes are one of the most accessible and also appealing things in modern homes. The above are some interior design ideas that are recommended by the best home interior designers in Bangalore and also preferred by many people. They can also be loaded with customization as per your wish and Decorpot can take that job and ease your burden as we have delivered many quality and affordable designs to our clients before. You just have to reach out to us.