Midcentury living room styles that you can recreate

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Midcentury living room styles that you can recreate

The 1950s may be long gone but something about them stuck around, making it into the second decade of the present millennium and that is the design style called Mid-century. The middle of the last century was about simplicity, clean lines, and the occasional splash of color. Today it is an iconic and well-loved design trend that continues to bring homes to life. If you wish to incorporate some of that old-world charm into your home, the best place to do it is your living room. Read on to know all you need to know about the mid-century style of living rooms. 

Setting a mid-century tone to your living room

While you may not want to commit to a mid-century aesthetic to your entire house, you can set the tone by committing your living room to it. There is an artistic side to the aesthetic and is probably the only look that can pull off something like a large piece of sculpture in your living room. But it can also be easily blended with contemporary furniture to match the rest of your house. Here are some typical features you can look out for. 


If there is one piece of furniture that typifies the mid-century look, it is the accent chair. From brown leather lounge chairs to comfy ottomans or a modern recliner, this is a must-have. Another highlight piece is the coffee table, preferably one with thin, wooden legs. Keeping in tune with the minimalism of the age, the sofas for this look are not too cushy but maintain the keynotes of straight lines and gentle curves. Low-to-the-ground seating is preferred. 

Colour palette

The mid-century style is all about symmetry and character. You can go anywhere in the color wheel as long as everything balances. Bright contrasts created by a single piece of stand-out furniture would work great. Wood or stone and such earthy elements bring the look together. For a contemporary feel, go for neutral colors but if you want to retain the vintage charm, you can opt for a whole burst of bright colors in your living room. 


The mid-century style is all about keeping things clean and simple. But this does not mean you can’t experiment a bit – the ideal bet are textures and geometric prints – on cushions, throws, or drapes. Wall art is another feature to throw in. You can also bring in some retro glam with a touch of velvet or shimmer.

Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

Free-flowing and clutter-free layouts and plentiful lights bring out the real mid-century style. Wooden flooring or wood paneling on the ceiling are delightful additions. Textures, rather than colors are the real life of this design trend. Rugs and throws create a warm vibe without taking up space. 

Born of a post-war desire to keep things simple and low-maintenance, the mid-century living room style continues to be adopted the world over for those with a preference for minimalistic elegance in their homes. And, we at Decorpot, leave no stone unturned to fulfill the same.

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