10 Important Vastu Tips For Your Mandir Direction In Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 10 Important Vastu Tips For Your Mandir Direction In Home

One of the most significant features of Indian Hindu households is the puja mandir. It is a location where you can completely alter the ambiance of your house.

Therefore, it is crucial to take into account some critical factors about the mandir in the home. We have some excellent Vastu recommendations for your mandir direction in the home, regardless of whether you have a designated puja location in your home or are altering it in your small flat.

Lets see the 10 important vasu tips for your home mandir from our interior designers in chennai.

1. Keep your Pooja Room Towards Northeast direction at Home:

pooja room towards north east direction

The most crucial stage in creating your own mandir is choosing the proper location. You must be aware that positioning the mandir or the puja unit incorrectly could be unlucky. Since the mandir is a key component of the atmosphere of your home, you must take no chances. The northeast is considered to be the finest mandir direction in a house by Vastu. You can travel in either the north or east directions if the northeast way is already taken up by something else.

2. Idols Mandir Direction In Home:

idols mandir directions

Finding the correct directions for the idols in your mandir comes after choosing the ideal location for the mandir. The idols should be positioned towards the northeast, similar to the direction of the mandir in your home. You must also keep in mind that the idols must be set apart from the walls.

3. Pooja Room Doors And Windows Must Open Towards North Or East Direction:

pooja room doors and windows towards north or east direction

As you install the mandir in your house, be sure to position the puja unit so that its doors and windows face either the north or the east. The puja unit needs to be kept in a roomy space with enough room to open the shutters fully. A puja unit must always have two doors or shutters, according to Vastu Shashtra. Keep the unit somewhere open and breezy where the doors can fully open.

4. Ground Floor Is The Perfect For Placing The Pooja Mandir In A Home:

ground floor pooja room

The puja ghar should be located on the ground floor of a multistory or duplex home. Mini puja altars can be placed in your bedrooms, but if your home has a dedicated mandir, put it on the ground level. This location is perfect since it creates a pleasant energy right on the ground floor of the house.

5. Place Your Diyas And Agni Kund In The Southeast Direction:

Make sure you never overlook the proper instructions for positioning the mandir diyas, lamps, and agni kund when looking for the ideal mandir directions at home. Vastu dictates that you should position the mandir's agni kunds and lamps in the southeast. Beautiful hanging diyas, like the ones in the picture, can also be used to adorn the mandir.

6. While Praying Make Sure You Face North Or East:

Make sure you arrange the idols so that you always face north or east when praying while establishing or designing the mandir facing direction in your home. Praying in the north or east will help the positive energy spread throughout the house because those directions bring positivity.

7. Decorate Your Mandir With Religious Books And Other Auspicious Items:

mandir with religious books and other auspicious items

In general, you should refrain from keeping stuff in your mandir. However, you shouldn't keep cash or complicated books and goods in the puja unit since this could detract from the space's uplifting energy.

8. Choose Soothing/Light Colours For Your Mandir In Home:

A mandir is a holy location where you can pray, meditate, and absorb good energy. Light, calming tones are therefore appropriate for such a fortunate location. These hues aid in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the home by quietly reverberating tranquilly. Dark colours can make a space appear claustrophobic and heavy, while light colours can make any space appear and feel open and expansive. Pick colours for the mandir that are white, off-white, cream, pale pink, and light yellow.

Some Vastu Tips For Your Pooja Room Mandir In Home:

vastu tips for your pooja room

  • Place your puja or mandir away from the lavatory.
  • You can use the area next to the stairs rather than placing the mandir just below the stairway.
  • Maintaining sufficient ventilation in your mandir is important, which is why adopting CNC cutting designs is a fantastic idea because they enable it.
  • Make careful to position your mandir towards the northeast if you're setting it in the kitchen.


Vastu is an important factor to people when it comes to design a mandir in home. These 10 important vastu tips for your mandir direction in home from our interior designers in chennai will help you to find the best one for your home mandir.

Contact our design experts for more customized pooja units and home interiors now!.

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