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Decorpot intensely focuses on delivering all-round interior design services in bangalore that are a perfect blend of art and quality. Having an in-house production unit with Hi-end machines of advanced technology, help us to provide the best home interior design for our clients. Decorpot Interior Designers in Bangalore are highly skilled and creative, who carry the dreams of our clients and infuse them into designs and shape their dream homes into reality.

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Our Interior Design Services in Bangalore

Room Interior designers in Bangalore

Rooms Interiors

Experience heavenly bedrooms designed by our expert interior designers in Bangalore, offering comfort and soulful ambiance. Transform your master, kids, and guest bedrooms with designs that caress your soul.

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Kitchen Interior designers in Bangalore

Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is the place that runs a “Home”. Our interior designers in bangalore are specialized in creating functional and trendy modular kitchen interiors that make your life easier and sweeter.

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Living room Interior designers in Bangalore

Living Interiors

There is a reason people call it a ‘living’ room. It is the liveliest place in your home. Our interior designers in bangalore design your living room interiors with an ounce of comfort, class, positivity, and more style.

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Our Interior Designers Portfolio

Our team of best interior designers in Bangalore, along with our other design experts have totally crafted and delivered over 4250+ happy homes in the city of Bengaluru. We envision the requirement and dreams of our clients and work towards creating the home they wanted it to be. We present you some of the happy homes delivered in bangalore we have done to your reference.


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Welcome to our Exclusive Guide to 2BHK Home Interior Designs! Discover expert tips and ideas to transform your space into a haven of style and functionality.

15 Innovative Partition Designs Between Living & Dining Rooms

Ever wished your kitchen could moonlight as a magician, appearing and disappearing at will? Welcome to the world of kitchen partitions ideas!

10 Effective Drawing Room Decoration Ideas 2023 for Home

Transform your drawing room with stunning decor ideas – from creative lighting to inspired furniture arrangements. Let your creativity shine!

15 Stunning Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs 2023 for your Bedroom

Experience a bedroom makeover with these 15 breathtaking sliding door wardrobe designs. From minimalism to retro vibes, find your style sanctuary.


We have collaborated with the leading industries and brands to deliver the best interior design for home in bangalore to our clients. Our partners help us to deliver top-quality materials and increase our standards.

Decorpot Interior Design Reviews

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Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Luxury isn't just a word, it's a feel. It's an art of lifestyle, that comprises comfort, aesthetics, patterns, and more. A constructed House will be complete and converted into a beautiful home only after the interior spaces are designed. Our home interior designers in Bangalore take everything into account and create the perfect design with all the requirements, spaces, and structure in mind that suits the home of clients. Designing your interior space involves a lot of factors and pre-planning, which we look after with utmost care and present clients with a perfect design.

Your interior reflects you. This is what we firmly believe. Because each person’s home space, requirements, lifestyle, and taste differs. So every single design should be a unique and personalized one. Our Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, communicate and work closely with clients and understand them and their needs and map a clear-cut vision and design with their creative traits. It helps them to bring out a more connected and loveable design that is exactly what the clients want.

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FAQs about Home Interior Designers in Bangalore
From Our Valuable Customers

  What is home interior design?
Home interior design is an art of creating empty home spaces into functional and beautiful spaces by crafting a perfect design plan with proper division of spaces and adding multiple elements that includes furnitures, appliances, dedicated units, color scheme and decor elements based on your preferences and the space. Interior design enhances the look and feel of your home.
  What process will I have to go through for the Home Interiors solution in Bangalore?
To get your complete home interior design in bangalore, you have go through a set of process from beginning to end. Starts with consulting phase where you get to know the details of interior design and convey your requirements. Next will be design phase where the interior designers in bangalore will present you the design in 2d and 3d form. Next will be production phase where the materials will be manufactured and last phase will be installation and delivery where the installation takes place and delivery will be done once it is completed.
  what is the difference between interior designers and carpenters?
Interior designers are skilled and professional experts who design your space with aesthetic and functional elements to make it better. Meanwhile carpenter are skilled craftsmen who construct and install materials on the field as per the given plan and execute it. Interior designers work with carpenters to implement the design plan.
  What are the services offered by the interior designers in bangalore?
Our interior designers in bangalore offer ended to end home interior design services for all all types of home spaces that includes living room interiors, puja unit designs, foyer area, kitchen interiors, master bedroom interiors, kids bedroom interiors, guest bedroom interiors and more.
  How long does interior designers in bangalore take to design a home?
The timeframe for interior design for home in bangalore depends on various factors. The scale of the project, the phases of negotiations and design and more. From the date of approval of design it will take 45 - 60 days to delivery.
  Do interior designers near me provide services for a small living spaces?
Yes. our interior designers in bangalore provide end-to-end home interior services for all types of home spaces including small living spaces.
  What types of spaces do interior designers design?
Interior designer in bangalore design home interiors for all types of home spaces such as 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK apartments, homes and villa.
  What is a residential interior designers?
Interior designers who create interiors for the residential or living spaces are called as residential interiors, in other words Home interior designers.
  Does Decorpot manufacture themselves?
Yes. Decorpot has a own manufacturing unit with world class equipments that are capable of producing all types of needed materials for your home interiors. Having an manufacturing unit reduces extra cost and room for errors.
  Do you do both traditional and contemporary designs?
Yes. Our interior designers in bangalore are experts in do both traditional and contemporary interior designs. They are known for their trendsetting design styles. More over we do other trending styles such as scandinavian, minimalistic, bohemian and more.
  Can I visit an old project of yours?
Yes. Once you reach us out for home interiors, if you want to visit an old project of ours, we can take you to the respective home and let you have a look of our work.
  How will I know my site is on which phase of execution/installation?
During the installation process, a dedicated expert project manager will be allotted for your project. They will keep you update with the progress at regular intervals and supervise the project.
  How much does interior design cost in bangalore?
The interior design cost in bangalore will be based on the requirement, scale of the project, type of home space, materials you chose and more. The standard interior design cost at Decorpot starts at 3.5 lakhs.
  Does Decorpot provide a warranty for your interiors?
Yes. Decorpot provides an industry highest 10-year warranty on home interiors.