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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - When Interior Designs Meet Geometry

Lines. Points. Shapes. Symmetry. What if we told you geometry means a lot more than you expect, it even has the ability to make your interiors more interesting and edgy! Geometrical patterns have been the muse for many interior design forms like – art deco, mid-century and contemporary. Elements of geometry can be incorporated in anything from living room interior designing to modular kitchen designs. There are numerous possibilities on how you can change the look of a room with a clever play of geometric shapes and create a beautiful symphony for the eyes. Here are some ideas from our professional interior designers in Hyderabad on how you can add a sense of intrigue and structure to your home with shapes, lines, and everything geometrical.

Seeing a pattern?

Using geometric wallpaper or flooring is a popular way of bringing the patterns home. The continuous flow of the patterns creates an illusion of height or adds more space to any room. Using small geometric patterns is advised while covering a large area as it is less overwhelming for the eye and creates an overall soothing effect and a sense of order. The patterned wall or flooring that exudes elements of geometry is sure to be the point of attention, so you can keep the rest of the furniture neutral or go along with the color story of the used pattern.

Geometry is in the details

You can also incorporate interesting shapes and patterns in even the minutest of details like a hexagonal doorknob or hexagonal patterned cushions. The addition of geometry in objects around the room in a cohesive manner, allows the attention to go around the room and to appreciate the harmony of shapes and lines. While choosing a shape, it is advised to echo a single shape throughout a room. Sometimes, less is more, and adding even a small accent of geometry is sure to make all the difference.

Make a statement with a piece of furniture

Get an eye-catching piece of furniture like a statement armchair with geometric patterns or a coffee table with a geometric design, to create an impact. The room décor elements like the geometry-inspired furniture should be in harmony with the rest of the room while still being a point of visual interest. You can even extend the geometric play of the statement furniture by mirroring the same shape or pattern in a different object in the room like on the curtains or cushion covers.

Interior designers in Bangalore

The balancing act

The main intent behind the introduction of geometry in a room is to achieve a sense of balance and order. The geometric patterns and designs used in the interiors should complement or enhance the architectural geometry of the space. Another thing to keep in mind is the function of the room as well as the area when it comes to using geometric influence in interiors of your home. When the shapes and sizes of all the furniture, décor, and accessories of a room are in sync, then the interior space becomes balanced and visually appealing.

The usage of geometry in interior design is all about creating shapes and lines and emotions that are impactful as well as endearing. It is a clever and aesthetic technique to add character to any room and is sure to be a conversation starter. Who knew shapes and patterns could play such a powerful role!? Now, incorporate this art of geometry in your homes with Bangalore’s favorite home decor company, Decorpot!

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