What Is the Interior Design Cost in Hyderabad for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK Apartments

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - What Is the Interior Design Cost in Hyderabad for 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4BHK Apartments

Interior designing is one of the basic necessities to make your apartment comfortable and cozy. And to help you make your life easier, there are plenty of interior designers in Hyderabad that will design your apartment to be just how you want it. There’s no need to get scared; the myth about interior designing being overly costly is about to be busted. So read along to learn about the interior design cost in Hyderabad for your 1, 2, 3, or even 4 BHK apartment. But first, let’s learn about how interior designers calculate their costs and how you can find low-cost interior designers in Hyderabad

How Interior Design Costs Are Calculated In Hyderabad

Interior designers can charge one of two ways. They can either charge on a per-project basis with a fixed range and list of items that they would offer within that range. Or they can charge on a per-square-foot basis. Based on the size of your apartment, you can work with the designer to choose which type of costing works best for your project. 

On average, interior design cost per square foot in Hyderabad ranges from ₹200 for smaller apartments. For larger apartments or ones where there’s a requirement for experienced interior designers, the cost can even go up to around ₹2,000 per square foot. Let’s look at what it will cost you to get interior designing for your 1, 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments.

1 BHK Apartment interior design cost in hyderabad

1 bhk apartment interior design cost in hyderabad

1 BHK apartments are relatively easy to design. However, the biggest challenge in these apartments is to use the limited space wisely to ensure there is enough storage but still not much clutter. You only need a few things to decorate a small apartment, and you can also get them on a budget. Complete Interior decoration for a 1 BHK design cost for apartment should cost you around 3.5 Lakhs, based on the type of furniture you choose. But what are the different elements that go into the cost described? Three things mainly: modular kitchen and furniture, box bed with storage, and a mini wardrobe.

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The modular kitchen and furniture will help you save space to keep your apartment looking spacious and comfortable even with less square footage. The box bed with storage ensures you have ample storage in your house to keep things you don’t immediately need. And the mini wardrobe can help you keep your clothes handy while not occupying much space in your apartment as said by our interior designers in chennai.

2 BHK Apartment interior design cost in hyderabad

2 bhk apartment interior design cost in hyderabad

2 BHK interior design cost in Hyderabad can range from somewhere between ₹3,50,000 to ₹5,50,000. With the additional space advantage in a 2 BHK apartment, you can choose a normal-size wardrobe for your family. You can also get larger beds, and while you don’t necessarily need to purchase storage beds, it can help you increase the storage capacity of your apartment. 

Regarding the living area, you can go for a dining space and a lounge area with the entertainment unit. This will help you make your living space feel spacious but still very comfortable. The last touch would have a modular kitchen, but you can just go for regular kitchen fittings if your budget doesn’t allow it.

The key with 2 BHK apartments is to keep your options open regarding the elements you choose. Given you have more space, you would also need more furniture to decorate the space well, and getting them can be costly if you don’t have a plan. So, work on your plan, and you can save money while decorating your apartment.

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3 BHK Apartment interior design cost in hyderabad

3 bhk apartment interior design cost in hyderabad

3 BHK apartments are costly, but decorating them doesn’t have to be. With some wise planning, 3 BHK interior design cost in Hyderabad should be somewhere between ₹5,50,000 to 8,00,000. And considering the amount of stuff you choose to get for your apartment, this cost can go both lower or higher. For basics, this cost assumes that you will get beds, wardrobes, and other necessities for each bedroom, which would cost somewhere between one lakh per bedroom. 

The living area would require a TV unit, dining table, sofa set, a table, and a shoe rack. This should cost somewhere between ₹1 - 1.5 lakh. The modular kitchen would cost around ₹2 lakh, which makes the total around ₹6 lakhs if you are very minimalistic with your design. You can even lower the cost further if you go for smaller beds in the secondary bedrooms or go for non-storage beds there.

This approach can really help you make your apartment luxurious with the help of the right interior designer, like the experts at Decorpot. They will be able to turn your apartment around without busting the bank

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Interior designing, in most cases, is about getting your vision into reality, but it doesn’t have to be done by spending a fortune. To get your interiors decorated well without busting a bank, you need best interior designers in hyderabad like Decorpot. With experience in helping thousands of clients decorate their dream apartments, Decorpot can help you keep your interior design cost in Hyderabad under check while not compromising your vision.