What is Minimalist Interior Design and How to Make It Work?

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - What is Minimalist Interior Design and How to Make It Work?

The concept of minimalism arrived sometime during the early 90s. Minimalistic interior designs have been termed a wonderful way to create a warm and cozy home without using too much furniture or filling up the room with showpieces and clutter.

Define Minimalist Interiors

Interior Designers in Bangalore define minimalistic interiors as a way to tone things down and get rid of the excess that crowds the room. The layout has clean lines with a single or dual color scheme. The furniture is placed sparsely to leave more open space in the room. This creates an impression of a bigger room and helps people feel relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings. 

Geographical Influences

Now, the term minimalism means slightly different things to different people. The best interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot mention that the Indian version of minimalistic interiors is not the same as the Western view. The observation isn’t entirely surprising. 

Minimalism is a Scandinavian concept that aims to create a warm décor in cold conditions. The concept had a makeover to suit the Indian topical climate and our inherent love for filling the Interiors Bangalore with treasures. 

Designs Make You Feel More Comfy

  • Open and Uncluttered Layouts

It might be tempting to fill the room with gifts and purchases. But leaving the space uncluttered will enhance the layout and sharp lines of the room. Keep the walls empty except for a well-positioned art piece. Remove the vases from the side table and keep a single book instead. 

  • Use of Rustic Textiles 

Home Interior Designers in Bangalore swear by Indian fabrics like kadhi, cotton, and jute to add a touch of rustic yet elegant look to the interiors. Curtains, sofa covers, and cushions, etc., made using traditional fabrics will emphasize the homeliness of minimalistic design. You aren't required to shy away from patterns either. Almost any conventional Indian pattern will do the job. 

  • Smart Storage is the Way to Go 

Instead of leaving most items on display, you can move them to hidden storage spaces and take them out when necessary. Beds come with empty storage space, and so does furniture. Build a tiny storage room under the stairs

  • Say No to Bulky Furniture 

Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore say it’s time to stop using bulky furniture if you want to go the minimalistic way. Considering that our homes come in different sizes, the furniture has to reflect the same. Sleek lines and angles replace curves and heavy chairs and couches. The focus is on showing the slim legs of the chairs and tables. 

  • One Family of Colors 

Colors can change the entire appearance of the room. Using shades from the same color family can shift the focus to the open space in the room. Especially when you use the lighter shades of blue, grey, or off-white, the room feels airier and fresh. 


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