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You walk into an office or a friend’s home and feel the place so welcoming and lively. You feel good in the room with its positive vibes. 

All of this is made possible with the right interior designing. 

To put it simply, interior design is the art of creating beautiful spaces that resonate with the people. With interior design, you can transform a raw area into a space that’s inviting, alluring, and comfortable.

At Decorpot, our interior designers in Bangalore are experts in taking a bare space of the house and mould it into something you can call ‘home’. By combining the artistic skills, creativity, and space’s usability, we've created enchanting interiors of many homes and offices in Bangalore.


Why Is Interior Design Important?

Creates Maximum Functionality in the Available Space

Unlike what some think, interior design isn’t just about beautifying the space. An interior designer’s main job is to consider the area available and make it functional by considering the user experience.

Even when you have a large house area, if the interior design isn’t done properly, you will have a poorly structured house that hinders your movements and restricts the functionalities. With smart interior designing, you can create a space that not just looks good but is also highly functional.

Optimized Design That’s Just Perfect for You

Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad says you may have built a new house or want to renovate your current home. In both cases, you can make the house customized to you and your family and give it a personal touch.

With an interior designer full of ideas, you can create a cohesive plan for interior designing your home that looks and feels just like ‘you’.

Aesthetically Pleasing Home That Looks Inviting

There are specific colours and designs that go well together and some that just repulses. When you hire good home interior designers in Bangalore to help you out, you don’t ever have to worry about matching the drapes with the furniture or the furniture with the flooring or the flooring with the fixtures.

This way, when you walk into any room, you’ll find it pleasing and absolutely stunning and even soothing, if designed right. 

What Are the Various Factors in Interior Designing?

Factors of Interior Design

There are many areas and details to cover right from the finishing touch in the walls to the small key holders. So, let’s take a look at some of the top activities involved in interior designing. 

1. The Layout of the Design

We’re not discussing the layout of the home here but the design layout of the individual rooms. 

Where will the furniture go?

How should the room face?

Can we add moveable elements and increase the functionality of the space?

These are a few questions that you can address in interior designing and make the most out of the space available.

2. Coating Materials 

There are so many materials for finishing available in the market. You can choose them based on your budget, the room useability and the theme. This is a part of interior designing where the designers choose between non-slip, non-stick, or waterproof surfaces.  

3. Installation Systems & Fixtures

You’ll need hangers, fasteners and adhesives to fix the design elements, television sets, wall shelves, etc. The interior designers will pick all the correct installation and fixture materials to align with the room’s theme.

4. Furniture

It’s the designer’s job to pick out the right quality, size, colour, design and material of the furniture pieces and place them in safe areas. They’ll make sure that the furniture is also not placed at locations where it can obstruct the movement or harm anyone in any way. 

5. Ergonomics

From the comfort of the space to the direction of the breeze, the right interior designing will make your home ‘feel’ good too. The wall colours and the interior decor can determine if the room is cozy, peaceful, active or stimulating. 

The interior design also decides the room’s acoustics which defines how low or high you need to raise the voice and how the sounds hit your ears without making it feel unpleasant. 

How Does One Become an Interior Designer?

How to Become an Interior Designer

Pursuing a career in interior designing requires utmost dedication and a creative eye to come up with innovative ideas. While it isn’t necessary to attend an interior design school, it’s best to have training in the field. 

An interior designer should have:

  • A bachelor’s degree,
  • Attended any interior design programs, courses or any other formal training,
  • Working knowledge of space, planning, material selection and a good eye for detail,
  • Knowledge of working with a 2D and 3D CAD program, and
  • Skills in decorative arts, furniture, lighting design, graphic design and textile textures. 

To start the career, an interior designer should have a strong portfolio that showcases their best skills. After establishing the career, an interior designer can either join a firm, start their own business or freelance. 

What Can You Expect from Our Interior Designers?

Our interior designers in Bangalore are expert at planning the layout and the theme of the home to deliver the highest level of comfort. 

With our holistic approach, we’ll take charge of choosing the right quality, colour, design and texture of paints, carpeting, flooring, woodwork, furniture, drapes and fixtures to match the theme of your home. 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly interiors in Bangalore, then contact the expert designers in Decorpot.