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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - USEFUL MONSOON PROOF FLOORING IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME

As the monsoon arrives with its showers and cozy weather, it marks the time for you to pay a closer watch on the condition of your home and urges you to drizzle a little extra love and care. Monsoon brings along moisture and dampness which clings to the surfaces of your home like on the walls, furniture, floors, and more. If proper care and protection are given at the right time and in the right way, you will be able to preserve the charm of your home and prevent it from getting spoiled. Flooring is an important aspect of any home and is prone to easy damage from the onset of monsoon. We at Decorpot, the best interior designers in chennai, have curated ways in which you can take care of your floors according to the type of flooring. 

Wooden flooring

Best Wooden floor interior designers in Bangalore

Floors made out of wood are exposed to severe damage due to the dampness in the air as part of the monsoon rains. Wood tends to swell up, expand, and even crack if not attended to promptly. It is important to facilitate cross-ventilation by opening up the windows, without allowing rainwater to seep in so that the moisture does not settle on the wooden flooring. The application of wax to the wooden floors also prevents dampness to permeate the surface and the wax forms a protective layer over the wood. It is advised to wipe the wooden flooring with a damp cloth or a microfiber one to prevent any water residue or build-up.

Stone flooring

Best Stone Flooring designers in Bangalore

Most natural stones are porous in nature, therefore, water and moisture tend to seep through them. Any water or spillage on the stone flooring should be cleaned with a mop immediately to stop further damage. Marble or limestone flooring should be mopped regularly without leaving excess water behind and using a pH neutral surface cleaner. Sealing your stone flooring using a penetrating sealer helps you in retaining the shine and appeal of your stone floors. Always make sure you are using specific products to the type of flooring you have.

Carpet flooring

Carpets provide a soft and cozy option of flooring but their maintenance can be quite cumbersome during the monsoon season. To ensure the longevity and comfy feel of your carpet flooring, certain measures need to be taken and followed through. It is vital to make sure there is no leakage or ways in which water can seep in and if so, they should be closed off immediately. Cross-ventilation helps in clearing the dampness that hangs in the air and it is advised to use a dehumidifier as well. Regular and routine vacuum cleaning is a helpful practice as it keeps the carpets clean from any dust and dirt and also dispels humidity. You can also use a broom or carpet beating machine to spot the carpets clean regularly.

Artificial flooring

Best Carpet Flooring interior designers in Bangalore

Artificial flooring like artificial turf is comparatively easier to maintain during the course of monsoon. Regardless, artificial turf needs to be cared for to ensure no damage is suffered and that it continues to look good year-round. Your artificial turf can accumulate debris and dirt as a result of the prevalent monsoon showers, it is required to regularly brush and clean the blades to make it aesthetic and functional. Having a proper drainage system in place is also key to preventing waterlogging.

Above all, allow ample sunlight to fall on them as it will naturally dry up the dampness and also aid in disinfecting them. Taking a few simple steps can ensure the prolonged functionality and beauty of your floor at home, whatever it may be. Monsoons can be enjoyed even more when you know the condition of your home is being taken care of. Decorpot always thinks about your home’s wellbeing and is ready to help you with anything from new house interior designing to a renovation and everything in between.