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Name the safest place on Earth? The answer is always unanimous, “home”. No matter what, home means to one, but there’s something nostalgic about it. Wherever we go, the essence of home always remain. Like recent client, the essence of their home state is seen in every corner of their home.Our tale today is from Urban forest Whitefield with a traditionally modern theme.

Being on one of the top floors of the apartment complex, there is a lot of natural light coming in. Being one of the best interior designers in Bangalore and providing highly customized designs,  the home is meticulously designed by making effective utilization of space.


Living room Interior


The living is provided with sufficient amount of light. The foyer, there is a mirror paneling provided above the storage area which is made of wooden finish laminate.

The living room with the warm lighting, has an ‘L’ shaped 3 seater sofa that is produced in-house.  The backlit TV Unit has a combination of open and closed storage units. The units are made of wooden finish laminates.


Dining Room

The dining also has the same tone as that of the living. The advantage of the dining room is that it opens to the balcony and so, the wall right opposite to it is quite bright coloured. The crockery unit, like the tv unit has open and closed units with wooden finish laminate.


Kitchen Interior


The kitchen is a combination of brown and blue. The blue and brown high gloss laminates with ‘j’ profile handles and quartz countertop, makes the kitchen look handleless. The breakfast counter also follows the same theme.


Master Bedroom


The master bedroom with its wooden floors and light coloured walls creates an elegant and spacious look. There is a walk-in wardrobe and a study, which had closed units, with wooden finish laminate that has been provided in the room.


Kids Room


While designing the kid’s room the client was quite keen on having a wider and bigger study area for the kid with soft board. Keeping this in mind, the designer has provided a lot of storage at the study area, along with fixed table.


Pooja Room


Pooja Room


As said, it was quite necessary for the interior designer to make use of the space available by satisfying all requirements of the client. Hence a foldable jali partition was provided between the foyer and the pooja.

Providing the best to our clients have always been our priority. Seeing our designs come alive and giving a sense of satisfaction to our clients have made us beam with joy.