Understanding How Millennials Can Configure Their Workspace During A Pandemic

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Understanding How Millennials Can Configure Their Workspace During A Pandemic

The current COVID situation has cast a dense cloud over everyone’s hopes of life returning to normalcy. It is not wrong here to highlight the fact that this has only accelerated the trends that govern the configuration and usage of a not-so-traditional workspace. It is highly imperative to identify what the new normal will look like for home workspaces post-COVID-19. This will inevitably change the role of existing physical working environments and increase the demand for digital transformation while reducing capital and operational costs for organizations. 

This Pandemic Might Have Birthed A New Minimalistic - Should You Compromise Style for Comfort?

Going forward, we take into consideration how more people work remotely instead of working in the same physical location. This global pandemic has exposed the fragility and uncertainty with great potential for change in workspace design in its wake. We, at Decorpot Bangalore, discover how you can create a work-from-home setup that is comfortable, minimalistic, and functional.

This pandemic might have birthed a new minimalistic - compromising on what is more vogue in interior design to ensure optimum comfort, the aim being the creation of a multifunctional area in any given space.


Flexibility as a design principle is the priority coupled with the ability to adapt to different scenarios. Instead of allocating a corner of the home, the real focus is on where we can convert or reconfigure parts of the house to be a more functional work-from-home space. A practical workspace should cater to multiple facets of your home interiors and also save space. Something multifaceted and aesthetically appealing in home decor is seldom a challenging task.


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Many functional areas will have to be accommodated in one living space. Choose a separate, dedicated workspace where you can minimize distractions and focus, far away from the kitchen, laundry room, and other disturbances. Ensure a bare, blank wall or uncluttered space is available to avoid showing a cluttered, distracting background during a video conference. A blank wall also serves as an excellent place for the physical whiteboard to write tasks. 


Incorporate houseplants in your workspace as the addition of plants in the working environment has been linked to promoting creativity and concentration. Find space to work near a window with variation in natural light. This has proven to have many health benefits and boost creative thinking.


Avoid using common areas since this implies that no recreational space is available to relax. Space has to be accommodating to ensure you can regularly take short breaks to aid stress reduction and creative thinking. The separate area for leisure will be vital as we are now confined to our homes. 


Comfort more than luxury would serve as the motto here. Depending on the amount of time you spend at a desk, decide whether you want a traditional desk or one with ample desk space, adequate storage including ergonomic seating. Bookshelves are also indispensable when it comes to storage in a home workspace. Open or hidden storage units, complete with different mechanisms like sliding doors, collapsible, or pocket doors offer ample storage while keeping the space clutter-free.


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For easy maintenance, Laminates, Glass, and Veneer are great material options that also offer a contemporary look. For constricted spaces, go for lighter finishes and hues, to make the space appear airy and larger. A darker hue or busy texture may make it appear much smaller.

Comfort is always a priority when it comes to designing a home office. We, at Decorpot, the best among interior designers in Bangalore, strive to create practical spaces, without any compromise on the look and feel. Better space utilization and ventilation are key.