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Just like we need something that we can call ours, a place we call home and a person to come back home to, we also need a space in the house to relax and cool off. And that place is none other than the living room! Once you’re home after a long day of work or at the end of the day, in case you work in a remote setting, you need a place to lounge. And that’s where all the fun and fights happen regarding who’s going to watch their preferred TV program and whatnot. 

Owing to the change in the home decor game, the lounge area and TV unit design for living room has become minimalistic and more subtle in nature over time. And if you happen to click on this piece to get your hands on some of those modern TV wall design ideas, you’ve come to the best place. Check out some of the trending TV stand decor ideas to get the perfect match for your interiors as per your aesthetics!

10 TV Unit Design Ideas For 2023

Multipurpose Shelf-Style

Multi purpose shelf style

Why should your TV unit serve only one purpose? With modern TV wall unit designs for living room, you can have your TV unit function both as a storage unit and an entertainment hub for your family. You can custom-build different shelves around the TV unit to make it stand out even more while adding more character to your room. Speak to your designer and they will be able to show a plethora of options for you in terms of modern TV wall design.

PVC Panel

With PVC panels, you can save the cost of tv unit interior design for hall significantly. They come in different styles and can help you completely transform the look and aesthetic of your room. You can also go for PVC panels that resemble the look of other materials like stone or wood at half the price of the original, and help your tv in wall design stand out.

Wooden Panel 

wooden panel

Nothing is more classy than rustic wooden panels. Based on your choice they can either help you create a vintage vibe with a dark stained panel or a very lively and bright environment with light stained panels. Plus, the open pores of the wood add pattern and depth to your room decor. So, if you are planning on bedroom tv unit design, this is one of your best options. And the best part is that you can repaint the panels later if you want to change the vibe without uprooting the panels entirely.

Low-Shelf Style

Low shelf style

If you are not into wall-mounted TV units, you have great options with tv cabinet designs for living room. You can put your TV on top of the shelves or cabinet and use up the shelf space for storage or to display photos or art pieces. It is a classic way to design a functional TV unit that doubles in purpose while still being dynamic because you will be able to reposition them later. This design style is also especially helpful if you are renting and do not own the property.

Corner-Style For More Space

Corner-style TV units are great for saving space and perfect as a tv wall design in hall. If you have a smaller property or just want to use the available space for something else, a corner-style TV unit can be a fun and creative solution. Plus, corner-style units allow you to watch TV from anywhere in the room without problems like glare and visibility issues.

Glass Cabinet-Style 

Glass is a superb material to class up your interiors and make them look super expensive and fancy. Glass cabinets can also act as storage space. Because it is see-through, you can store lovely art pieces there without dust collecting on them. These cabinets are very versatile and can be placed anywhere in your home. However, the hall and living room are best suited for this style. If you go for glass cabinets, make sure you follow that theme through the other parts of your room to ensure it looks cohesive.

Simple Panel Design With Storage Space

Panel TV units are multipurpose and very chic. They are versatile and can match any design or aesthetic because they can be made with almost any material. Another great thing about this unit is that it doubles as storage space. And can also help you manage all your cables without them becoming an eyesore. These units are also moveable, so it helps if you want to redecorate your interiors later.

Wooden Style

Opposed to wooden wall panels, you can also go for wooden-style TV units that are placed on the floor in front of a wall-mounted TV. These units are very modern and can really improve the design and look of your room. Plus, you can have a dedicated spot for all your entertainment needs, complete with gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and even Wi-Fi routers. Plus, as wooden-style units, you can repaint them and change their looks whenever you want.

Geometric LED Panel Design

Geometric interior designs are very much in trend now, and they create cohesive symmetry inside your home, which is visually pleasing. Plus, with just the touch of LED strips, you can take your designs to the next level. They are functional and can work as mood lighting for your entertainment hub or with modern lights; you can even connect them to your TV to create ambient lighting around your unit based on what you are watching on TV.

Floating Style

Floating style

Floating TV units are permanent, but they are extremely cool. They don’t take up space on the floor and can be easily cleaned, both the unit and underneath it. They also offer all the benefits of standard floor TV units you know and love, like storage. Floating TV units are also available in different materials, so you are basically spoilt for choice based on your budget. If you are setting up your TV unit in your living room, this unit should be one of your best options.

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