Trendy Wall Textures Ideas for Cool and Cozy Bedrooms

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Trendy Wall Textures Ideas for Cool and Cozy Bedrooms

How do you change a nice-looking room to something wow and breathtaking? What if you can’t the layout, décor, or the bed but still want to renovate your bedroom?

Interior Designers in Bangalore have a simple yet effective solution for you. What’s that, you ask? Wall textures.

Yes! Wall textures make the room pop out in magazines and social media posts. Wall textures highlight the contrast, color schemes, and overall theme of the room. They add more depth to space and create another dimension in the room.

Metallic Glaze for the Dramatic Effect

If you are a fan of dramatic settings, go for the metallic glaze right away. Designers at Decorpot advise on choosing a focus wall to add texture while leaving the remaining walls plain. Try varying the shades of the same color. The lighter shade gets a metallic glaze, and the darker shade stays plain.

Woody Walls with Pastels

Wood and pastels are a warm combination and a perfect choice for bedrooms, according to our Home Interior Designers in Bangalore. The earthy texture of the wood makes the bedroom a cozy place, while the pastels bring enough light to cheer you in the morning. Try to keep the woody texture behind the bed so that you’ll wake up looking at the soft-colored walls in the front.

3D Wall Art

Why buy art pieces separately when you can turn the bedroom wall into 3D art? The 3D wall texture is mesmerizing and offers a wide choice. Interior Designers in Hyderabad rely on beige and grays for 3D texture as these colors make the art appear realistic. Contrast the texture with warm tons of gold and amber to make the bedroom cozy and beautiful.

Rustic and Nordic

Why not bring the Scandinavian textures to your bedroom Interiors Bangalore and give it a metallic twist? The texture of painted wooden boards goes well with ceiling lights and floor/ desk lamps in black metal. Stick to a dual color scheme to bring out the textures. White and off-white with shades of pewter will highlight the combination of wood and metal in the bedroom. Straight lines are more suited in this setting than circles or motifs. 

Aging Effect for Vintage Style

Do you want something vintage yet not grand and gaudy? The aging/ peeling effect is the right choice. Bedroom Interior Designers in Bangalore say that this new trend is becoming popular among patrons who prefer industrial styles. Brighten up the room by placing a couple of flower pots near the walls.

A Game of Tiles

Tiles come in an array of sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and textures. You can go for plain tiles with varying shades in a single color. This creates an ombre effect in the room. Floral printed tiles can be quirky and brighten up the room. Mix up styles and prints to create a mosaic effect right on the bedroom wall! Our designers at Decorpot offer various suggestions to use tiles in the bedroom.