Trending Home Interior Design ideas for Kitchen Bedroom and Living room

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Trending Home Interior Design ideas for Kitchen Bedroom and Living room

It's crucial to be aware of the costs associated with furnishing your dream house because they may quickly mount up, from wall art and mirrors to antiquities and carpets. The Decorpot store can help you in this situation. We've compiled a selection of middle-class home interior designs from our interior designers in hyderabad that work well in every home to help you keep within your budget.

Use personalized art prints to adorn your walls

Design and art cannot be separated from each other. It may also be a fantastic alternative for a low-cost home decor, depending on the kind of art you select. There are many possibilities for your home decor, from humorous posters to intricate paintings.

Utilize potted plants to bring nature indoors

Cacti and fiddle leaf figs are excellent indoor plants since they require little care and are simple to design. Use fake grass stems or bouquets as another more affordable interior decoration alternative. To finish the aesthetic, display your flora in distinctive pottery or rustic planters.

Utilise Shelves as a Flexible Display Unit

Depending on how you utilize them, shelves can be a versatile and inexpensive part of your home decor. On them, you can keep books, plants, and even ornaments. Additionally, they're a more space-efficient option than large bookcases, particularly if you live in a tiny house.

Add some flair with decorative pillows to plain furniture

Slipcovers and eye-catching throws and cushion covers are the two most cost-effective solutions to freshen up an outdated sofa set. Simple to drape over your current sofa set, slipcovers come in a range of prints and patterns.

Change up the design of your dining room

Keeping things straightforward is typically the key to a successful, budget-friendly interior design strategy. Using different combinations of your dining room chairs is an artistic method to accomplish this. To make a few of your chairs stand out, think about reupholstering them in a distinctive color or pattern.

If updating your dining room furniture is not a possibility, limit your table decoration to decorative silverware and ceramics. To spice up your low-cost home design, you may also experiment with table runners and placemats in various prints and colors.

Replace the Rugs on Your Floors With Textured or Bold Rugs

A rug can provide a break from the monotony and unify the space by adding a variety of prints, hues, and textures.

Without making any structural changes, rugs have the ability to subtly modify a room. Additionally, it's a fantastic tool for layering various components in a low-cost home design.

For a layered appearance, you can do this with printed or patterned rugs that either contrast or enhance the decor of the space. A neutral carpet or jute rug may work just as well if there is already too much going on.

Use distinctive vases to give your tabletops personality

What image comes to mind first when you think of table decor? Most of the time, you might immediately picture a vase. This is due to the fact that vases have long been a mainstay of decor and have only gotten better with time. They also never change when it comes to cost-effective interior design. There is a vase to match every interior design style, from accent pieces to modern designs. For a distinctive appearance, place them on a table or add them to your shelves.

Use Strange Mirror Designs To Create Fun Illusions

Mirrors can be utilized to play with the idea of space in addition to making a stylish statement. They are a useful addition to smaller homes since they assist reflect light to make the space appear larger than it is.

Since mirrors are frequently sold at various price points, there are almost certainly a few possibilities to fit a low-cost house design.

Display a few eye-catching artifacts

The art of decor continues to value curios and vintage trinkets highly. Depending on the artifact you select, you can give the room a lot of personality with just one piece of furniture or decor. 

Here's a Bonus Idea: Paint a Wall with Originality

Nothing makes your walls more interesting than a fresh coat of paint. It can be a terrific method to beautify a low-cost house design, whether you choose to paint the entire room or just one wall. This is so because paint is less expensive than wallpaper in comparison.


These are some of the trending home interior design ideas for kitchen, bedroom, and living room from our interior designers in hyderabad that will help you to get a completely stylish and premium interior of your choice for your home. For personalized interiors, contact our design experts now!