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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Trending Bedroom wall Color Combination Ideas for Home

The most personal space in our houses is frequently the bedroom. It is essential to have an articulate bedroom wall color combination. The hue of your bedroom's paint will rely on the décor style and personality of the users, among other things. For traditional style decor, earthy and neutral tones work best. Your personality can also influence the coloring of the room. The proper color can create a joyful, lively, or peaceful atmosphere in the space.


10 Best Bedroom Colour Combination

Pristine White

A shade for a bedroom wall that is always in style. Create a calm and relaxing space in your bedroom by using any shade of white paint. The most tranquil and relaxing appearance can be achieved with a white-themed bedroom. Even when the wall color is the most basic, experiment with colors and textures to keep the décor interesting. Additionally, this neutral color helps other standout pieces in the room's décor stand out more. Utilizing the great contrast white gives, adding splashes of color to the furnishings and other décor elements improves the attractiveness of the area.

Energising Orange

Some people might find it too risky to paint the entire room this bold shade. Using orange as an accent is common. Bedroom walls painted in orange and another shade might produce interesting results. Orange and white color schemes give the spaces an exquisite appearance. Particularly in two color combinations for bedroom walls

spaces with higher ceilings, orange wall paint adds ambient light and vibrancy. Orange-based color schemes may energize and warm up bedrooms. Designers utilize a variety of colors to give the bedrooms a hip and energizing look, from bold and funky to classic and conservative.

Stunning Pink

The most popular color combination for a room for a girl's room color is pink. It can look modern and fresh when used with shades of grey and white. Pink is viewed as a feminine color and radiates happiness and vitality. It is currently a very popular accent shade, not just for teenage ladies' rooms. This color offers a wide variety of adaptability, ranging from a spirited shade of strong pink to a softer shade of blush pink. 

Gorgeous Red

Red walls can give your spaces an effect that is both trendy and high vitality. This colour has a powerful effect in both large and little doses.  Bright red paint can be a daring and playful choice for the bedroom wall. It works best on a single accent wall in tiny spaces with low ceilings. The bedroom can appear cozy, inviting, and luxurious when combined with earthy and neutral tones.

Elegant Blue

A room with blue walls can have a rich, opulent atmosphere at night and a vibrant, energetic one during the day. When used sparingly, royal blue and other deeper hues of blue can create a sophisticated ambiance. The finest bedroom color scheme for blue-themed Indian bedrooms is indigo. To design a sophisticated yet snug and inviting space for oneself, use accents in white, dark yellow, and brown. Additionally, traditional designs and motifs like ikat and Kantha complement this hue of the blue well.

Calming lilac

Your preferred retreat spot in the house may be a bedroom with a lilac motif. It's a subdued color that gives the room a little personality. It can be utilized in both classic and modern settings. You may sleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed by using this gentle shade with cool undertones in your bedroom. To accentuate the lilac walls, add darker purple accents and patterns throughout the space. If you like gentler color schemes, make the lilac walls the focal point of the room by pairing them with soothing hues like cream and grey. This color is a fantastic option for nurseries and bedrooms for young children.

Rich Earthy Green Tone

Rooms might look more organic and natural if painted in cool grey undertones with green accents. The most calming effect can be achieved when this deep, powerful shade is combined with other hues and textures found in nature. Utilise furniture made of dark wood, fabrics with brown hues, and other dramatic accents to emphasize the motif. Metallic accents can be used to give the color forest green a more modern look.

Crystalline Cream Beige

The decor in bedrooms with a beige motif is classic. This versatile neutral color gives several decorating options for a chic and refined appearance. The simplest way to create a tranquil, welcoming area that can be your retreat is by using neutral beige colors. 

Magnificent Purple

A color that works well in minimalist studio bedrooms, romantic suites, and classy master bedrooms. Your space will be picture-perfect, cozy, and calming thanks to the deep, rich shade. 

Zephyr Yellow

In Indian house decor, mustard yellows, and ochres are frequently used. The color exudes a classic Indian vibe. It's a bright, happy shade that can give the space more vibrancy. This color may uplift your mood and make your bedroom a cozy, bright place where you can unwind and relax in comfort. 


These are some of the trending bedroom wall color ideas for your home from our interior designers in chennai that will change the look and feel of your bedroom and home. For more ideas and customized designs, you can contact our design experts at Decorpot now!