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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Top Interior Design Trends 2022 - Home Decor Ideas

If you are one of the few who opt for an interior design overhaul every now and then, it is imperative for you to be informed of the 20202 home interior trends that are ruling this season and the upcoming ones. If you are often tempted to update your home decor with the ever-changing, evolving trends, Here our professional interior designers in Hyderabad discussed it, explore the below options for trends that last the years to come.


The feeling of relaxing amidst nature outside and basking in the warmth of the sun is a long lost dream in the current pandemic. Replicate the same by bringing nature inside, not just limited to greenery, but also nature-inspired botanical prints, hues, and décor elements. Indoor plants are all the rage this season due to the low-maintenance aspect and the aesthetic appeal it offers. Vertical gardens can also be incorporated as per idea suggested by many top interior designers in chennai in the balcony and verandah to highlight a blank wall and add a touch of green to your space. It can serve as a comfy reading nook or a space just to relax and unwind. Add to this the many unique pots and planters that are available in a variety of designs and styles to make your living area more fresh and alive.


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Contrary to a common misconception, a monochromatic color scheme need not be in dull, pale hues. The same can be achieved with vibrant, bold colors and bright pastel shades Says interior designers in bangalore. With the freedom to experiment with any color palette, the choices are indeed many. 2022 décor is all about more glam and sophistication. The monochrome elements can be balanced with an accent wall that blends beautifully to create a space you will grow to love for years to come. Fabrics like velvet add the much-needed texture and feel to make your room stand out. Dusky rose, warm beige, and natural buff are hues you cannot miss out on when it comes to soft furnishing.


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Space, light, and choice of décor elements are the key factors that define minimalism. They contribute towards creating an open space that is airy and inviting, with the added factor of being low maintenance. The concept of ‘less is more’ is now prevalent as chaos and clutter is something nobody wishes to have. The minimalistic design makes space appear larger and preferably features an open plan design and it's a more preferable choice by interior designers in chennai.  Incorporating design with natural elements is the key trend when it comes to minimalism in contemporary homes. Light hues with neutral shades are an intrinsic part, highlighted by accent pieces that do not overwhelm you.  



It is always invigorating knowing that your home reflects the current trends that rule the season. We, at Decorpot, the best among interior designers in Hyderabad, strive to create just that with full commitment and quality.