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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Top 15 Transitional kitchen Designs for your Home

Our kitchens have been significantly impacted by the pandemic, along with almost every other part of our life. People who were accustomed to eating out frequently needed to learn how to operate a stove. This additional time in this space allowed for closer examination. That's when people began looking for transitional kitchen design. This is clear from this year's kitchen trends. The top 15 transitional kitchen designs for your home will be listed based on demand and advantages by our interior designers in bangalore that will upgrade your lifestyle and make it easy. 

Top 15 Transitional Style Kitchen Trends in 2023

Make It Shiny

Perhaps the reason we choose vibrant colors in our kitchen is that we are spending more time at home. These shades have the wonderful ability to enlarge the appearance of a tiny space. 

Make it unique

This one has to do with the size of your kitchen. If you don't have a lot of room, you must utilize what you do have effectively. Here is where transitional kitchen cabinets is being used creatively, especially for oddly shaped goods. 

It Need not be flawless

Having more than one type of décor is one of the characteristics of the transitional style. The transition is described as conventional becoming modern or contemporary. The best of both worlds are present. 

It Has Multiple Uses Now

We unexpectedly had to convert our homes into offices and classrooms as a result of the epidemic, which was one of its unintended consequences. The kitchen evolved into more than just a space for cooking food. The design features that are still in use are a holdover from these modern periods. 

Return to the Natural World

This new trend that is emerging was one that we truly enjoyed. People sought to introduce more wood features into their homes and kitchens as they spent more time outside. The transition from comfort food to a cozy and welcoming space to make your meals is seamless.

Improve the Prep Station

We've spoken about how the kitchen evolved to serve many purposes. The washbasin was the literal location of the same tendency! It is no longer just a wash basin. A workstation where you may complete all of your preparation. It's a great use of space and helps you work faster. Also simple is clean up.

Everything is in the details

Finding a space for that vintage treasure is another component of the transitional style. It fits nicely with the kitchen trends, especially given how much more you use your kitchen. It's amazing how merely a few locations can elevate your interior design. 

Be innovative

Arched cabinetry and curved lines in other kitchen components are some things you'll notice more of in that buck-the-trend category. In addition to giving the space personality, these flowing shapes are also quite appealing.

Add Storage Simply

During the epidemic, many of us undoubtedly learned how to can food and preserve it. Jars and lids went extinct as a species. This tendency increased the demand for additional storage so that our kitchens could have functional pantries. 

Be Smart About It

With smart microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators, the Internet of Things (IoT) has made a splash in the kitchen and will do so again this year. Additionally, it's about conserving energy and utilizing the solutions that technology has to offer.

Open It Up

Doors were used to divide the kitchen from the rest of the house. We then removed them from their hinges. We are now knocking down walls to build fantastic chambers. 

Bring nature indoors

Kitchens can have more than simply wood finishes. In this room, other organic materials like cutting boards, wicker lighting fixtures, and wooden chairs are also finding cozy homes. The fact that these materials produce high-quality, long-lasting items is their best feature. It's a wise investment that will always be in fashion.

Make a Good First Impression

Granite and quartz are other natural materials that will be given a prominent place. Many things are working in their favor. They are a great option for heavily used kitchens because of their longevity. They are also quite stunning. They do cost more money, yes. 

Hardware Receives Due Credit

Hardware for cabinets frequently goes unnoticed. It's not a big deal as long as it works. No longer! Even the most basic kitchen items are following the trend toward natural materials. Given that people are changing the colours of their rooms, it makes sense. 

Backsplash Keeps Making a Scene

It makes perfect sense to install a backsplash, especially if it is easier to clean than painted walls. New styles and materials, like the quartz we previously stated, are becoming more common. When combined with the other trends, it is becoming more of a design component. It's reasonable to say that the kitchen is receiving a significant update in a number of areas.


These are the top 15 transitional kitchen designs of 2023 from our interior designers in bangalore that will make your lifestyle easy and better. These kitchens will add more multipurpose options and increase the accessibility factor. For more specialized and personalized designs, you can contact design experts now.