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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Top 15 Simple Bedroom Design 2024 for your Beloved Home

When it comes to the bedroom, everyone loves their comfort according to their convenience. Simplicity is a primary key to any bedroom design. While making your bedroom comfy, here are some simple Bedroom designing tips for you.

Strike up the bedroom with light

strike up the bedroom with light



Welcoming sunlight or keeping an all white interior inside the room, gives it an appealing look. When the room is well lit, positive vibes circulate inside the bedroom. We can also save on our Electricity bill when there's room for sunlight. The mind tends to feel the bedroom is spacious when there is plenty of lighting inside it.

A Glossy appearance

glossy appearance

In case you want a unique finish and something different apart from normal looks, then check out the glossy finish. This is very distinctive in looks and gives the bedroom an extra special look. A reflective and glossy finish makes compact bedrooms look bigger. 

Minimal furniture for a simple bedroom

Minimal furniture for a simple bedroom

A hack used to make your bedroom look stylish is by placing furniture inside it. Floating furniture like a table stand or keeping a mini sofa are best suited. This also converts your bedroom into a working space. Space gets utilized in an efficient manner as well.

Giving it a Wooden finish

Giving it a Wooden finish

From the floors to the furniture and a false wooden ceiling, give your room a classic taste of wood like never before. A rug or a big carpet makes it cozy inside. Have a great time during the winters as the wooden finished bedroom will be warmer compared to normal rooms.

Wall to Wall Wardrobes

Wall to Wall Wardrobes

For compact rooms, it is ideally recommended to save space and make maximum use of it. Keeping wardrobes attached to the wall, especially from the corners, makes it convenient to have a wider storage room. The wall to wall wardrobe acts like the fourth wall of the bedroom.

Low-height bedroom

Having a bed with low ground clearance and placing it at the corner of the room is an out of the box idea! This way, we can create a comfy and cozy corner inside the bedroom. Fluffy pillows and cushions are perfect to lay back and binge watch your favorite shows!

The Choice of Colors

Choice of Colors

For homeowners, everyone has their specific color of choice to pick while designing. Picking light colors and making the room look lively gives an aesthetic look. While picking light colors, make sure that they go matching well with the wardrobes or other furniture placed inside the bedroom. This is a simple way to make your bedroom look more lively.

Low Cost Lamination

Low Cost Lamination

Lamination can act as a simple bedroom decor, giving your bedroom and wardrobes a premium finish. Your guests would be wondering about the prices while you boast off proudly about your simple interiors in the bedroom. Lamination is ideal for simple middle class bedroom interior designing. 

An all White concept

White concept

Love to experiment and want a fabulous result? Go White! More white is reflects bright light in the bedroom! You can customize your bedroom with different shades of white color as well. This gives it a special visual effect to glance at.

Go Black and White

Go Black and White

A classic color combination of dark and light plays a good role in adding a polishing look to your simple bedroom design. Be it the furniture or flooring, the look goes to the next level. Black and White is a choice made by a few. Are you one among them to go bold?

Applying Tri-Colours

Applying Tri-Colours

Adding three different colors in the bedroom makes it more appealing. Sticking with basic light colors or choosing them efficiently with the help of an interior designer can get your game right!

Keeping the room cool and calm

Amidst living in humid cities, you can get sweaty often. However, keeping a low ceiling fan can solve the issue and give the room a stunning look. A light under the fan acts like a cherry on the cake! 

The role of curtains

role of curtains

Getting long curtains home eliminates the bland look of the room. Try getting curtains that match the color of the walls or the interiors of the bedroom. This simple bedroom design gives a total classy look to your home! 

A Splash of Textures

To uplift the mood, using textures on the wall gives it a unique look. A textured accent wall is economical. This will leave your guests awe-struck when they pay your home a visit and spot this design in the bedroom. 

How much is too much

Sometimes, in excitement, we tend to add too many objects or make extra modifications in our bedroom. Too much turns out to be messy. The room ends up looking small due to improper space utilization. Hence, know how much to arrange and what's not necessary can be out of the bedroom.

Why Decorpot for simple bedroom design ideas?

The designers working for Decorpot have a vast sense of knowledge and are willing to guide you step by step. From choosing colors to materials, our designers sport professionalism and will ensure your dreams come true. With cutting edge German technology, your simple bedroom will contain supreme quality materials at affordable prices, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

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Q1. How can you make a simple Indian bedroom feel more premium?

The key to making a simple Indian bedroom feel more premium and luxurious is by getting the lighting right. A chandelier also works fine. High-quality bed sheets, textured curtain, and a shaggy carpet make your bedroom feel more luxurious.

Q2. How do you get the color theme and lighting right?

The solution to this is keeping it simple and sticking to basic light colors. The mind is attracted when the eye spots light colors in the room. The interiors can be simple in light colors. Light and dark themes also go well if your interior designer has the skills to strike the target! 

Q3. How do you utilize maximum value for money while designing the bedroom?

When getting your interior work done, always ensure that there are cabinets, wardrobes and shelves installed. These help to store your objects in the house. A well executed plan can help your simple bedroom look classic. Wardrobes and shelves installed in the corners are ideally recommended. A table stand next to the bed also helps.

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