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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Top 15 Home Interior Design Ideas to decorate your dream home

Besides making your home interiors highly functional by adding multipurpose units, If you want to give a space a contemporary, fashionable, and up-to-date feel, you may completely transform it by adding something as simple as an accent wall, a bright lightbulb, or a fresh throw cushion. Which is best? Even though it will appear as though the overall appearance took considerably longer to achieve, you can do any of these home décor projects in a single day. These home interior design ideas from interior designers in bangalore have been hand-selected to give your home a brand-new look. Discover home design fads that are equally inspirational and practical. 

We have some creative ideas for home interior design ideas to get you started. 

15 interior home designs to consider in 2023

Contemporary interior decorating styles

contemporary interior design styles

Simple colour schemes, a cosy environment, neat individual elements, and liberal use of glass and steel are traits of modern interior design. Logic and practical considerations were taken into consideration when choosing the paintings and sculptures. The living areas include open floor designs and uncomplicated furnishings. 

Modern interior design

modern interior design

Contemporary interior design refers to current fashion trends. Living in the modern period is more akin to contemporary interior design, which takes cues from all prior design fads, including minimalism, modernism, art deco, and even earlier design eras. 

Minimalist interior decorating styles

The minimalist house design concept first became popular in Australia. All parts of interior design, including basic furnishings, neutral colour schemes, and practical but understated accessories, underline the minimalist style. Everything is distilled, fundamental, and necessary. Your home has an earthier, cleaner appearance thanks to the minimalist decor.

Scandinavian-inspired interior design

scandinavian inspired interior design

The Scandinavian design aesthetic is a fusion of many 20th-century design movements. Scandinavian design places a strong emphasis on functionality, simplicity, and a minimalistic interior. It also embodies functional rooms that are straightforward and transparent. 

Shabby chic interior design

Shabby chic interior design

A laid-back ambiance, open lighting fixtures, vintage charm, and furniture with an antiqued finish are characteristics of the shabby chic style. It is influenced by earlier designs, where the house makes use of elements that appear worn out and antiquated yet are highly practical, even though it incorporates some contemporary design elements. New goods are purposefully aged to appear antique.

Eclectic interior decorating styles

The core of eclecticism is drawing ideas and inspiration from a wide range of sources. The eclectic interior design style produces homes that are rich and complex by drawing influence from design eras and styles that span millennia. This style contrasts design components, colours, and materials to create a unique atmosphere.

Industrial-style interior decorating 

A harmonious combination of fashion and function is industrial interior design. This style composes of construction elements like recycled materials, exposed pipes and bare brick walls.

Home interiors with a bohemian flair

The Boho interior design aesthetic is a representation of unrestricted aesthetics that combines culture and cultural expressions to produce a wide range of designs. Its laid-back atmosphere is inspired by nature and boasts accents and cabinetry with eye-catching patterns and brilliant hues.

Home interiors with a rustic theme

Rustic home design is characterized by natural traces, man-made accents, and a rural charm. As a response to the Romantic Movement, it started and underlined the beauty and simplicity that reflects the old style in a new manner. 

Transitional style in interior design

Traditional and modern interior decorating styles are intriguingly contrasted by transitional interior design, which is a contemporary interpretation of old design aspects. This style of house decoration is more popular among millennials since it aesthetically balances the attributes of men and women. 

Adopt country themes with style

Large furniture and fixtures with timber and exposed metals are a staple of country decor. If you pair them with high-quality linen and fabrics in the surrounding areas of the room, these can actually appear extremely attractive in a modern home.

Curvy furnishings & decorations

For a time now, interiors have been using arcs and curved designs. Initially, round rugs, tulip and egg chairs, and crescent sofas gradually grabbed the lead. Currently, 2023 home décor trends go beyond curved furniture.

Textured Zellige tiles

This year, handcrafted, textured Zellige tiles are popular, but they have been for a while. These tactile tiles, which are originally from Morocco, are becoming more and more popular. It's understandable given that they adhere to the 2023 trends for more organic home decor and interior design.

Open-Concept Designs

It might surprise you to learn that partitioned rooms are becoming more popular than open-plan layouts. People have a renewed demand for private spaces since the quarantine, especially when they want to congregate or relax. It's a good thing that this doesn't mean open concepts are completely out. Instead, the border between zones must be clearly defined. This can be achieved by using bookshelves, room dividers, and rugs.

Non-operational Items 

Purely decorative components can definitely be included on the list of outmoded home design trends. These things have no place in a home with a move towards conscious settings. Additionally, they frequently make a design cluttered. These could contain imitation books, glass artifacts, text art, and trinkets.


These are the top 15 home interior design ideas from our interior designers in bangalore to decorate your home in 2023. Your preferences plays a huge role in deciding the design style for your home which makes it visually appealing and functional. For customized designs you can contact our design experts at decorpot.