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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - TIPS TO CRACK THE INTERVIEW FOR INTERIOR DESIGNER

The ‘interview’ is a word that will automatically make you feel excited, scared, stressed, confident, and all at the same time. Averagely around 42000 scheduled interviews take place in a day in India, with lakhs of applicants taking part in those. But not everyone cracks the interview and takes the offer letter home. It takes multiple factors that need to work coherently at the right time. Especially for the post of interior designer, a work that requires loads of creativity and a lot of skills in a perfect balance, you have to be aware and attentive. Let's see some tips from top interior designers in bangalore, that will help you to do better and crack the interview for the post of a home interior designer.



prepare for why

You have to be clear and equipped with answers to ‘Why?’ Why? Because ‘why’s always the toughest question to answer and also it can go wrong at times. The interviewer mainly asks these questions to test your level of understanding, confidence, and clarity. For the interior designer in Hyderabad post, it will be on the lines of “Why do you want to be an interior designer?” For this question, you have to put up words that convey your passion, education, and skills related to the industry. You have to be expressive here and give them a good impression that you are suitable for this job. The next big or the biggest question is ‘WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU?’ even though there are plenty of answers you can find online, it has to be more meaningful and grounded that create a sense of trust and confidence.


know about the company

It is always important to research and know about the company you are giving the interview to. It's a basic thing an employer will expect and you have to make sure that you tick this box. Also, you don't have or need to go overboard and bring out their market share numbers and percentages. The tip from interior designers in Chennai is that you just have to keep it simple and clear.


For the role of interior designer in Bangalore or anywhere, you need to have some skills that include handling tools like AutoCAD, 3Dmax, and more. So you have to mention this software and your experiences of working on them. Staying up to date with those tools and answering the questions related to them properly will showcase your skills and expertise on that. Since home interior designing is a creative process that includes the living room interior, bedroom interior, and kitchen interior, you have to express your creative knowledge on that.


Many interviewers will ask scenario-based questions to test your knowledge and way of communication. For this industry, as per interior designers in bangalore, interviewers mostly create scenarios as client designers\' conversations. They ask questions like how you extract the client’s requirements, how you clear their doubts, what if the client doesn't like your design, and more. You must be directed towards to client’s satisfaction and how far you would go to achieve that. Also, you must be ready for questions like handling escalations and solving problems in tricky situations. Staying general without going into details will be better in those cases.


These are some of the tips to crack the interview for interior designers in bangalore. In the end, it is all about your patience, intuition, intent, and skills that will help you to get your desired job as an interior designer.