Timeless Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Timeless Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

The trends in interior designing are ever-changing as the seasons, but some trends have become so deep-rooted that they have stood the test of time. In this constantly evolving whirlwind of tastes and preferences, we have assembled a few timeless classics that are sure to be the conversation starter at any home. At Decorpot, our best interior designers in Hyderabad will carefully picked out some praise-worthy trends that will remain perpetually appealing for years to come.


A minimalist approach to design was always on trend and will continue to be. Minimalism’s key focus is on banishing the chaos of clutter and disorder in the space to reveal the balance and soothing harmony of purposeful and functional design. Clean lines, simple furniture pieces, and accentuating the architectural features of a space with no clutter, is the core of minimalism. Every piece of furniture is chosen to serve a specific purpose. Minimalist designs divert the attention to negative spaces and give your eyes a place to rest. On the whole, the soothing and inviting ambiance of minimalism creates a timeless aesthetic.

Antiques and vintage finds

As ironic as it sounds, antiques and quirky thrift store finds and vintage pieces are a classic décor item to own and would never go out of style. Adding antique elements to your décor creates a rustic charm and also adds a timeless touch of craftsmanship. You can mix the old and new design styles and introduce some antique furniture pieces in a modern setting to give out a timeless and elevated appearance to space. Another interesting aspect of antique articles is the exclusivity of the piece and the fact that the value of the item only appreciates over time.

The classic monochrome

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Another styling technique that has aged like a fine wine is the iconic combination of black and white in all aspects of interiors, from modular kitchen designs to living room interior designing. The classic monochromatic pairing of black and white creates a timeless persona and drama in the space. The balance between the two contrasting colors creates harmony in the room and you could even add pops of vibrant color or incorporate geometric designs to make it more edgy and impactful.

Use of natural elements

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The use of natural, sustainable materials and elements in the design will always be a timeless decision. Wood, stone, wool fabrics, woven textures and fibers, all occurring naturally, makes for an environmentally conscious as well as a durable option to incorporate into the design of your home. You could also make plants and greenery a focal point of the design to enhance the ambiance with the gifts from nature, whether in the form of hanging plant pots or a vertical garden. Furniture fashioned out of materials like rattan and wicker is a never-changing staple in all homes and is a sustainable choice that has resurfaced as a new interior design trend in recent times.

Although there are a lot of new trends on the rising, it is always great to incorporate trends that are an oldie but a goodie. Which one are you going to add to your home to give it that timeless spin? Do get in touch with us at Decorpot Bangalore for all things interior designing and let’s create the home you’ve always dreamt of.