Timeless Finish Stone Claddings

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Timeless Finish Stone Claddings

As we all understand and relish the importance of texturing in our home interiors, the visual appeal they deliver along with giving a pleasing element to our sense of touch has made them a perpetual feature for the designers to play with. Stone cladding or the stone veneers has become a prominent choice for this purpose. The reasons why the stone cladding has become a topmost pick in the interior designing industry are as follows-

1. Evergreen Finish

The earthiness that the stone cladding casts in the interiors of a home is speechless and is something you must experience. The elements of nature are always healing and so does stone helps in soothing and calming down the complete space with their natural and organic finishes. The add a timeless touch to the place. Something that you would love to relish and come at even after 5-10 years of designing.

2. Cost Effective

Stone cladding requires much less investment as compared to the natural stone. This makes it a good and affordable option for most people. When skillfully planned out in your interiors, they successfully give a rich and affluent look to your space.

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3. Versatility

These brilliant components of designing are uber versatile. You can make an emphasis wall with them at any section of your home or you can style them as decorative elements at certain places. They wonderfully meld in the living areas and kitchen or bedroom or bathroom. A trending use of them is in the fabrication of the TV unit. The compatibility of stone cladding with most of the design themes and materials makes their usability flexible. They equally compliment wood and marble.

4. They are easy maintenance

One of the most important benefits of these elements of design in the interiors of the home that catches up with today’s busy lifestyle is that they are really easy t maintain. No special product specific to their cleansing is required. You can simply clean them with a warm soapy solution and then wipe up with clean water. The frequency of cleaning is also not high, you can prefer to cleanse them once or twice in a month or as and when dust particles seem to settle on them.

Stone veneers are becoming legendary through their multiple benefits and richness of appearance. It's completely a designer’s art how beautifully and creatively they choose the right one for your home!

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