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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT U SHAPED KITCHEN

The U-shaped kitchen layout comprises three adjacent walls lined with cabinetry and appliances, forming the shape of the alphabet U. If you are looking for a kitchen design that provides maximum countertop space, storage, and efficiency, the U-shaped kitchen is the one for you. This kitchen layout can be seen in many homes, ranging from small spaces to larger ones.

Our professional interior designers in Hyderabad gives you all the information you need regarding this versatile kitchen layout to help you with your kitchen renovation plans or to implement it in your new house interior designing dreams. So, read on and find out more about the much-adored U-shaped kitchen design.

The origin of U-shaped kitchen design

The U-shaped kitchen design came into existence as an answer to the problems of limited workspace in a kitchen. With its three adjacent walls providing a good amount of workspace and also enabling the division of areas for preparation, cooking, and cleaning, the U-shaped kitchen presents the perfect working triangle or kitchen triangle. The working triangle which consists of the main points of the kitchen – the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator is also placed in a perfect distance which paves the way for efficiency in the kitchen. The U-shaped kitchen also allows more than two cooks at a time as it has enough space to move around without interrupting the workflow.


Considered the most efficient type of kitchen layout, the U-shaped kitchen is one of the most sought after kitchen designs. The U-shaped kitchen design can be easily adapted into a small home or a larger home, with ease.

1. Efficient flow of work

The workflow is very important in a kitchen and the U-shaped kitchen layout gives you a highly efficient way to work in the kitchen. The U-shaped kitchen has the most ideal working triangle as well and having everything within arm’s reach adds to the perks.

2. Ample amount of workspace and storage

Having three adjacent walls worth of countertop space as well as adequate storage with overhead cabinets and under the counter cabinets, the U-shaped kitchen is a dream to work in. The ample amount of countertop space available for meal preparation is especially useful when catering to a larger group of people and when having more than one cook in the kitchen.

3. Space for modification in design

The U-shaped kitchen layout that leaves a lot of space in the center, is perfect to add a kitchen island or a dining area.

Best Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore

The right way to design

As the most spacious type of kitchen layout, the U-shaped kitchen design open doors for creativity and manipulations. This type of kitchen layout can be designed to fit any kind of space. 

    > In a U-shaped kitchen, you can create the most ideal work triangle by placing the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator to each side of the U, which facilitates adequate space for each zone. 

    > An island or a breakfast bar is ideal for the central zone if the opposite platforms leave ample space in between. 

    > A good lighting system, consisting of cabinet lighting, recessed lights, and overhead lights for workstations, adds to the charm of the U-shaped kitchen. The U-shaped kitchen layout comes with two corners and this should be utilized in a clever way for storage and should not be wasted.

    > If you have the advantage of a window, it is advised to place the sink right below it and to bring in the natural sunlight to the kitchen which creates an illusion of spaciousness. 

    > In case the width in the floor plan of the U is quite small, strategic colors and lighter designs should be used to give it a wide and open appeal.

When designing the kitchen of your dreams, keep this one-of-a-kind kitchen layout in mind. Revered for its versatility and heightened functionality, the U-shaped kitchen will be a great addition in any home. If you are looking for the real experts to give your kitchen the absolute makeover, do get in touch with us at Decorpot, the best interior designers in chennai.