The Must-Have Interior Elements Of An Indian Kitchen

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - The Must-Have Interior Elements Of An Indian Kitchen

There is nothing like a homely, traditional kitchen that exudes Indian charm while embracing the modern advancements. Great food and fond memories are usually made within the four walls of a kitchen. There are quite a few elements that have found its place in the kitchens of numerous Indian homes and have become a permanent and integral part of the design. The best interior designers in Bangalore have achieved many promising kitchen designs where happy memories reside. Read on to know more about the mandatory interior elements in every Indian kitchen.

Good modular units
Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad says, kitchen with a good modular unit in place is an absolute must-have and it also makes the space more joyful. Kitchen cabinets with tandem, base units, and all other storage solutions that come with the modular units transform the kitchen into an organized and well-planned zone while keeping it classy. Modular kitchen units are also extremely durable to daily wear and tear and is also immensely easy to clean and maintain. Apart from the functionality, modular units also add sophistication and elegance to the interiors of an Indian kitchen.

Proper lighting 
A kitchen is a place of function and busy activity and therefore requires a good lighting plan. All Indian kitchens integrate a seamless lighting plan into place keeping in mind space and aesthetics. Task lighting is a great addition as it focuses light on your countertops and work area. Another technique commonly used is lining the kitchen cabinets and units with LED strip lights for ease and convenience. A few interesting pendant lights or a big one can also be found in Indian kitchens for functionality as well as aesthetic appeal.

Touch of ethnic
It goes without saying that Indian kitchens everywhere will retain a touch of ethnicity and pure authentic charm. This is expressed with bright pops of color around the kitchen, in the form of wall paint or feature wall, in modular kitchen designs, in the curtains, and so on. Decorative elements are also brought in and peppered around the kitchen in motifs and patterns on tile work for the flooring or even for the walls. Potted plants are also a staple in any Indian kitchen, apart from the air purification properties, plants have the power to spread positivity around the space.

A Clutter-free Setup

Best Home Interior Designers In Bangalore

Another important element of an Indian kitchen is ample floor space and no clutter. Incorporating tall units into the kitchen’s design layout will not only organize it further but will also free up the floor space. The tall units can be installed with the open shelve units for cooking appliances, increasing its utility. Having more of wall-mounted shelves and cabinets also helps keep the floor and the countertops clutter-free and more functional in a typical Indian kitchen.

An Indian kitchen is quintessentially a place where function and elegance blend into one to create a joyful space in any Indian home. We at Decorpot find absolute joy in transforming your kitchen while keeping in mind the essentials for a good Indian kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start designing.