The Luxury Of Panel Mouldings

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - The Luxury Of Panel Mouldings

Panel mouldings have been a timeless piece in every home for decades. Although it has largely faded away with the passing of time, panel mouldings are once again making a comeback and interior designers everywhere are welcoming them with open arms. The addition of panel mouldings immediately transforms the interiors of your home and creates an elevated appearance. This interior design element is majorly used on planes and smooth surface of wall, ceilings, wooden doors, and windows to add a sensation and an alluring feature to them.

Their ornate detailing and craftsmanship dress your walls and lathers them with a certain elegance and character. Decorpot Bangalore, having created wonderful interior transformations from living room interior designing to bedroom interior designing in Bangalore and everything related to home interiors brings to light the importance and the allure of panel mouldings in a home. 

A touch of luxury

Best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Panel moldings were a prominent piece and much-adored by royalty and is a common sight in palaces. Needless to say, the reason panel mouldings are included in space is because of their elegance and subtlety that translates to luxury. 

Whether you opt for a simple, modern panel moulding or a more traditional and elaborate one, the effect it exudes is that of class and expensive taste, although in contrary panel moulding is quite affordable.

A dimensional feature

As panel mouldings can be added in different styles and various places across the rooms, they can also be manipulated to add dimensions to space. For example, a crown moulding with the same color as the ceiling can essentially create an illusion of added height. 

You can also add multiple styles of trims to a room to bring out a play of dimensions and the innate charm of the space. Panel mouldings also help you in highlighting certain features and architectural qualities of your home.

Create an aesthetic allure

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Wave goodbye to drab and boring walls and invite a bit of panel molding into their lives. Adorn the walls with panel moldings, in the style you prefer from geometrical trim to wainscoting, and let your walls do the talking. 

Floor to ceiling paneling creates an air of elegance and does not go without being noticed. Instead of using wallpaper or vivid colors to attract the eye, a classy panel moulding can do just the trick.

Instant focal point

A panel molding can be the focal point in any room. A feature wall with paintings and hanging portraits can be given an elegant makeover by adding paneling around them, to make them stand out even more. A fireplace or a TV unit can be surrounded by recessed panel molding and this will immediately be the main feature of the room. 

The designs and styles of panel molding will spoil you with its choice and the addition of paneling in your home will be a star feature. Panel molding will never go out of style and is here to stay. Radiating beauty, class, and aesthetic quality, panel molding is a much-needed element in any home to complete it to perfection.

We at Decorpot, the best interior designers in Hyderabad, is here to help you introduce the great aesthetic features in your home design. Just let us know your style & requirements!