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Home, a word that isn’t just a word but is a combination of emotions. For some, it’s a peaceful sojourn, for some it’s the happy place and for many, it’s the culmination of their life long hard work. A home can’t be defined by just a single word.


Just as we said above, our decorhome today, is a mix of modern and extravagant design keeping the emotions in check.


The entrance to home is laced with a panel that speaks of grandeur, with laminates that give a warm and pleasing welcome to one and many.



The entire home follows a modern theme with veneer finish for most of the decor elements.

The TV unit as well as many other small yet impactful decor elements in the living are a standing ode to our craftsmanship in handling veneer finish while keeping the curious design in mind, with disconnected ledges adding to the overall charm.

The light tone followed in the walls of the room, is very well complemented and blends well with the colour of the unit. The centre table which was made in-house, is again a masterpiece having veneer finish with glass top.The inner false ceiling in room is hand painted with embedded cove lights.



Following the theme of the living, The dining room has a backdrop made of veneer, charcoal paneled wall finished with lacquered glass running in the centre. The upper portion of the wall has veneer with cove lights embedded in it. The crockery unit is made of veneer with a rolling shutter.



The master bedroom is one of the most beautiful rooms in the home. Again, with an ultra mod theme, this bedroom is a clear example for a posh design. The headboard of the bed is made of veneer and has cove light in the backdrop. It is cushioned with textured laminate running along the walls, such design was made keeping in mind comfort as well as luxury.The aristo wardrobes in the room have lacquered glass base. The ceiling in the room is made of veneer with cove lights to keep the design element intact in entire house.



The kids bedroom has hand-painted textured false ceiling. This room deliberately stands out from the entire home’s design to keep the childhood in kids alive. The white, pink and blue theme of the room is keenly followed by the wardrobe’s laminates. The study area also utilises same coloured laminates, having provision for pin board too.

The brightly themed kitchen has toughened glass used in the dado region and acrylic used at the shutters of the cabinets along with quartz countertops.




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