Taking Care Of Your Home When Quarantined

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Taking Care Of Your Home When Quarantined

With so much time on our hands due to the quarantine situation faced by all, it is the ideal opportunity to unleash that interior designer in you and do a little DIY makeover to your homes with the best interior designers in Bangalore, Decorpot. From living room interior designing to bedroom interiors, we are here to inspire you to shake things up and say hello to a new and fresh-looking home. 

1. Rearrange for a new outlook
Tired of the monotony of seeing furniture spread out, in the same way, day after day? Change it up a little! Rearrange the furniture and accessories around your home, you could do this any way you like. You could try a new layout for your room, maybe put the sofa in a different spot in your living room and change the cushion covers, or by switching the lamps between different rooms. Make something else the main feature of the room. These interesting changes will break the perspective of the room and the best part is you can work wonders with what you already have.

2. Organize and de-clutter

Best Home Interiors in Bangalore

Now is the time to face the demons of clutter and mess and do the needful to make your home more welcoming and pleasant with lots of air circulation. You could start by organizing your closet and take it room by room. Adding labels to supplies and household items stocked away in boxes can prove to be helpful in the future. Organizing your home will unearth a lot of items that may not be of use to you and which can be discarded for the same reason. Keep what you need and give away the rest or if possible keep it aside for recycling purpose. 

3. Invest in indoor plants
Plants are an instant source of happiness and positivity, they also purify the air inside a room. Adding a few potted plants in your interiors is a sure way to spruce up space. The sheer sight of having a collection of lovely plants around your home is proven to uplift your energy and they create a more relaxed environment to be in. Apart from that, house plants add an aesthetic edge to any room.

4. Look into home improvement and maintenance 
Go around your home and check for minor updates that you can make. You could improve the lighting of your interiors to make it more warm and cozy by changing the light bulbs and putting in new ones. You could clean out the curtains to make the room feel much brighter. In the kitchen, you could moisturize your wooden cutting boards or clean the small appliances. All these minor updates can change up the ambiance within your home and will be reverberated in the entire overview of the space.

We hope this list of ways to take care of your home during these times has struck a chord with you. We at Decorpot Interiors would like to encourage you to take on a quarantine home interior project and have fun with it. Your much-loved home interior designers in Bangalore for everything from living room interior designing to modular kitchen designs, Decorpot, is here to guide you along the way. So let’s get started!