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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - STYLISH INTERIOR TRENDS OF SUMMER 2020

New Year and new season bring forth new trends. It’s once again time to spruce up your homes and jive to the beats of the new and improved interior design trends. Add that touch of glamor and a spark of newness to usher in good energy and positivity within your homes. Wondering how you can do that? Just read on and get inspired to makeover your home with the trends of summer 2020 coming from the best interior designers in Chennai.

Eco-style all the way

The year 2020 welcomes a comeback of natural materials being used in furniture. Rattan and Wicker are back in a big way and are at the forefront of all things interior décor and is a nod to being mindful of sustainability while making material choices. Needless to say, sustainability is not a trend but rather a lifestyle. Furniture, décor, and accessories made out of natural materials give you the option of eco-friendly and environmentally conscious decorating. You can pair the natural furniture with lovely plants and mute, earthy hues to surround your space with nature and serenity. As per interior designers in Bangalore, Natural furniture made of materials like rattan exudes a timeless charm and whimsy and is extremely durable.

A Living Room in Warm Red A Living Room in Warm Red

Bold. Beautiful. Monochromatic.

2020 summer is bringing in the monochromatic interiors trend but in bold shades ranging from cobalt blue to warm reds and jade greens! So, if you’re looking for a pronounced change in your home, the bold monochrome is the one for you. In order to commit completely to the trend, you need to use one color throughout the entire space. The bold application of one shade can have an endearing and striking impact on any room and many interior designers in Hyderabad assure this. Make a single, vivid color the star element by carrying out the shade throughout the entire space, from the walls and curtains down to the plant pots in the room.

Interiors with an individual touch

A unique piece of furniture, a handmade décor item, DIY accessories! Unleash the creativity within and create a special piece for your home to add that personal touch. According to interior designers in Chennai, A new trend on the rise is individuality in home décor and it is here to stay. So, make your home truly your own by including ideas that tell stories and that which holds a fragment of your personality. Decorate your homes with interesting antiques, objects of significance and eclectic ornaments to bring out a personalized character.

The Japandi Style The Japandi Style

The Japandi Way

Japandi is essentially a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles of design elements. The main focus of this style of design is based on the concept of minimalism, simplicity, comfort, and organization. It also lays emphasis on the need to think sustainable with increased functionality. Japandi is all about clean lines, a muted color story, and absolutely no clutter. This style which our interior designers in Bangalore mastered combines the best of eastern and western interior designing techniques to give you a beautiful, soothing and natural interior. You can incorporate the Japandi style in your home to make it more aesthetically appealing and clutter-free.


So, which summer 2020 interior design trend has piqued your interest? While there is a lot to choose from, be sure to think of what works for you personally and go forth with it. The highly-skilled interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot are sure to help you with designing the home of your dreams!