Stylish design ideas for small living room

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Stylish design ideas for small living room

Living rooms are the place where people gather and have their leisure time together at home. It's the place they really feel at home. So having it in a way they like it to be is very obvious. But some people find it difficult to design their living room as they like because of the small space. To make things easy for them, we are going to give them some stylish and compact design ideas for small living rooms from the best interior designers from Chennai.

Raise the bar up

To make your small living room look big, you can raise your curtain bar up your window. Long curtains will bring a majestic feel to your room and make it look very attractive. Placing your bar a few inches up from the usual place and almost a few inches below the ceiling will make room for long curtains. Wall decor or galleries also need to be placed way higher to achieve a greater look, as per interior designers in Bangalore.

Compact furnishing

Furnishing is the thing that makes a room complete. For a small living room, it is advisable by some of the best interior designers in Hyderabad that it is better to go for small sofas, furniture and tables, other than single giant sofas. It not only saves you space but also looks lively rather than being congested.


Lighting is very important for any room when it comes to decor, says top interior designers in Chennai. For a small living room, heavy lights will look like an over do. Choosing small lamps will be ideal and their placement should be in a way that it illuminates the area. Also, making use of natural light will bring more brightness into your living room.

TV unit

Living rooms are the most happening place in a home in terms of having fun and socializing. Having a great TV setup will make it more lovely. Nowadays, people prefer to have multifunctional TV units that are attached to walls along with storage cabinets and galleries. Most interior designers in Chennai and interior designers in Hyderabad have multifunctional TV units in their designs for small living rooms, as they save more space and also look stylish.

Stay neutral with colours & patterns

Some of the best interior designers in Chennai recommend using a monochromatic colour palette for small living spaces. Lighter and softer colours will make the space seem bigger and more open. You can still play with textures within a monochromatic scheme, but avoid patterns that will clash and overwhelm the room.


Modern living rooms are all about filling out all the details to be elegant. There are a lot of small living room designs that will suit your space and taste. All you need to do is to contact the best interior designers in Bangalore to get your living space in the way you wanted.



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