Stylish and Creative Bedroom Design Ideas Teens Will Love

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Stylish and Creative Bedroom Design Ideas Teens Will Love

The teen’s room should reflect their personality and fit with the rest of the house. Moreover, it should have enough space and flexibility to change as your teen grows. We cannot ignore the utility value either.

Your teen will spend enough time in the room working on homework, assignments, projects, relaxing, gaming, and enjoying with friends. Our Interior Designers in Bangalore offer some valuable suggestions to design stylish rooms your teens will love right away.

Smart Storage and Bold Prints

Teens have so many things overflowing in their rooms! Provide smart storage options like floor-to-ceiling shelves with racks in different sizes and widths. This allows them to categorize their things and arrange them neatly. Contrast the shelf with bold-printed duvets and cushion covers to make the room appear playful and stylish. 

Musical Theme in Neutral  Shades

Interior designers at Decorpot suggest the musical-themed for teens who love music. If your kid plays musical instruments or listens to them all day, you can’t go wrong with this. Hang your child’s favorite musical instrument on one wall and cover the other wall with wallpaper in musical notes. Old records and a music system will complete the look. 

Black and White 

Home Interior Designers in Bangalore say that there are endless possibilities when using the classic black and white combination for a teen’s room. You can keep the lines sharp and angled or soften them with curves and rounds. Go for checks, graphs, dots, patterns, motifs, and whatnot! 

Boho for the Chic Teens

Imagine Interiors Bangalore with patterned rugs, matching quilts, abstract art pieces, and wicker stools highlighted in a room with pastel walls and soft ceiling lights. Sounds like a perfect room for fashionable teen girls, isn’t it? Boho elements have been ruling interior design for decades. Try to add two queen-sized beds in one corner of the room so that there’s enough space left for them to move around. 

Instagram-Worthy Décor 

Today’s teens are active on Instagram and love sharing beautiful pictures of their things. Why not design a room that looks like something from an Instagram post? Kids Room Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest combining two or more styles. For example, Nordic interior design can be brightened up with some hippie or Boho style décor. This results in a cozy, warm, comforting, and amazing room. String lights, a tiny netted swing, a bed with multiple cushions in different shapes, and soft off-white floor-length curtains can be incorporated into the design. 

Floral Prints and Themes

Does your teen love flowers and nature? Make sure to give them a room with a window that opens to the outside world. Or at least a window sill can hold a couple of tiny flower pots and succulents. Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest using soft lavender and English rose for the walls. Pick curtains with floral prints and match them with the bedsheet and cushion covers. Keep the rest of the room plain. 

Contact interior designers at Decorpot to renovate your teen’s room and turn it into a stylish and comfortable lair for the kid.