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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - STUNNING BOOK RACK SETUP IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME

There’s a famous saying, “A Mind needs a book like a sword needs a whetstone to be sharp”. As the quote books are always the main source of knowledge and facts for humankind. So almost every bibliophile in the world wants to have a separate and personalized book rack in their home. There are a lot of different book rack designs as per the space and size, our top interior designers from Chennai bring you some stunning book rack setup ideas straight out of their books.



TV units are not just a space but more of a showcase area of modern homes nowadays. Many people use it as a gallery by putting many artifacts, pictures, and prizes to display. As per interior designers in Hyderabad, Having a book rack along with these multipurpose tv units will give you a proper book reader look since they are mostly present in the living room. They also give enough space for you to have your book collection racked up perfectly.


If you doesnt have more space to have a huge book rack, you can go with floating book racks which are more attractive and creative than traditional book racks. They are attached to walls with well partitioned small racks where you can arrange books. You can also have them at different places to make your home a good modern outlook as per interior designers in Chennai.



Some people don't want others to look at their book collection and some people don't want to project them as avid readers and we cannot complain about them. For them, closed book racks are best in terms of invisibility and also to accommodate more books to their collection. They are more like a traditional wardrobe but small and compact customized to rack books. Interior designers in Bangalore believe that these racks are multifunctional and more durable than others.


 The perk of having your book rack along with your workspace or study unit is it saves you a lot of space and also gives you a perfect reading vibe. A rack unit attached to the study unit can help you keep your other items along with your book collections. Adding a study lamp to the setup will make your reading experience better as well as improve the style quotient overall as per interior designers in Hyderabad.

Easy Bookshelf Decor:

For picture-perfect bookcase decor, resist the urge to pack in a ton of accessories on every shelf. Keep a clean look by choosing a one-color or tone-on-tone scheme for vases and figurines, and make sure to mix up shapes. Every so often, step back to assess the overall balance of your arrangement. Place items off-center, or try larger or smaller ones until you like what you see.



 It's evident to an extent that showcasing your books will showcase who you are. So your dream of having a personalized book rack can become true with one of these design ideas. Moreover there are still a lot of rack design ideas still in the books of our top interior designers in chennai for you at decorpot



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