Striking Black And White Living Room Design Ideas for Your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Striking Black And White Living Room Design Ideas for Your Home

The black and white combination makes a bold statement that will always appeal to onlookers and remains a favorite of the home interior designers In chennai. Their contrast adds to the beauty and mystery of the space. This color combination is excellent because it makes any item in the room shine out when designers or anyone else showcases it. Usually, differently colored furniture or even a carpet would beautify the room, but having a living room in full-scale black and white synergizes the entire space on its own.

For your inspiration, the Decorpot Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore have compiled a list of 7 ideas of monochromatic magic that you can try.

A Tinge of Mixed Colors

We all know how classy black and white can be, right? This room certainly is. The unusual combination of mixed colors and the striped grey wallpaper made everything around stand out. You can consider this as a perfect modern space and complement it with the right furniture and decor pieces.

Black And White with Contrasts

Take a look at how inviting this space is. The printed walls go well with the rest of the room and the contrast is breathtaking. You can organize the room with drawers and cabinets and create a make-shift workstation as well.

Bold and Beautiful

The room tends to combine the boldness of the furniture, and the softness of floral decors on the wall, which gives a tender touch to the entire space. Expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggest this design for small interiors in Bangalore, to make the room appear elegant though with less space.

Contemporary Living Space

The cream-colored furnishings in this room provide a lot of light. As white is the dominant color in this space, the nights offer a different charm. The space is idealized by the nightly ambiance, which can be complemented by a fireplace. Install a lamp by the window to add extra warmth to the room.

Old Classic Look

Imagine a bright space with a green day curtain to create a significant effect in the room. You can make the area quite cozy, with large furnishings and contemporary amenities. Want to experiment with this look? Hire one of the top interior designers in Bangalore to help you.

Beyond the Contemporary

The top Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest this design idea for the living rooms in a high-rise apartment. The usage of grey for the black and white combo creates a contrast that enhances the space beyond contemporary. Even the checkered flooring adds a cute vibe to it.

Go Green

The wall accents, design, and lighting choices are all very stylish and even feminine. Placing houseplants in the living area instantly adds new life into the space. Try elegant wall décors to enchant your guests.


We can go on and on with more ideas that will inspire you to decorate your living room in traditional black and white. You may also add elements such as patterned area carpets, modern furniture, colored day curtains, and designer accessories. In need of assistance from an expert, you can contact our designers at Decorpot. Talk to us today to book a free appointment for your home interiors.