Story of A Kids Room

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Story of A Kids Room

Bright colour themes, stars on the walls and ceilings, toys on the table - who made it mandatory for you to stick to this routine when it comes to home interiors for your kid's room? Why don't you try decorating your kid’s bedroom taking inspiration from something he or she loves and is passionate about? Yes, we are talking about themed rooms which are currently very much in trend. The thematic interior design is a great way to turn your kids bedroom into a place where imagination meets reality. 

While thematic room arrangements depend on the child's age, gender preferences, etc., the inspirations are endless. You can either go for photo wallpapers on the walls or have your kid's favourite hero/idol photo pasted on the ceiling so that they can see them before they go to sleep. And if your kid happens to be a fan of basketball, then you must definitely read on. Our expert interior designers in Bangalore have a great basketball themed kids room ready for you to take inspiration from. 

A light and neutral colour base to make the elements pop

The right colour base can certainly take the home decor of a room from great to magnificent. In the picture above, the showcased bedroom is for two kids. You can see that a white colour has been chosen as the base of the entire colour theme of the room. The clean and shiny marble floors and white walls and ceiling not only soothe your eye but also allows the maximum reflection of light. This room is one which will instantly brighten your kid's mood every time he or she enters the room. 

But, that's not all it does. This off white colour base complements the little pops of colours throughout the room spectacularly. These pops of colours are enough to grab your kid's attention and keep them hooked to it. You can see colours like royal blue on the cupboard, shelves and closet doors, red pillows, orange borders and much more stand out extravagantly amidst the white backdrop. 

Create a remarkable ceiling that amazes your kid's every time he or she goes to sleep

There is no bar to creativity. In the above case, some basic and simple colours have been smartly picked to compliment each other and create a stunning interior design that encourages kids to come back home from school. The orange window border is something so simple, yet it entirely transforms the aesthetics of the place and brings in an elegant and pleasant vibe in the room. 

But what do you do with the ceiling? Do you simply leave it be in the same colour tone as the walls? Our professional interior designers in Bangalore suggest you do otherwise. The ceiling is usually the last place your kids will see before going to sleep. So, why don't you try turning it into something unusually fun and creative? As you can see in the picture above, the ceiling has been cleverly designed as a basketball with the illusion of an inverted half dome surrounded by pretty lights. This makes your kids look forward to going to bed. 

Themed wall arts, quotes and fun bed sheets - the shortcut to thematic arrangements

If you think that changing the colour theme of the room according to an idea is a bit more out of your financial league, then you can always resort to creative bed sheets, wall arts or stickers and quotes. For instance, basketball themed bed sheets have been used to complete the theme of the room. Wall art of the silhouette of a basketball player has also been achieved on the wall to add a unique tone to the theme. Certain motivational and basketball-related quotes have also been written all over the room to keep your kids interested and engaged in this fantastic sport. 

Designing the home interiors of the room according to your child's hobbies, interests, love or passion makes them perceive their space as a bright, creative and positive place. Ensuring a fun and creative environment is essential to help your child achieve his or her full potential. 

Hope, you and your kid enjoyed the blog!