Spectacular Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Spectacular Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room

Creating an ambiance with lights is a prerequisite for a dining room. Proper lighting builds the right set of moods and proclaims your style statement without saying anything.

With various types of lights available in the market, it might not be obvious to find the match you are looking for. But why find something matching when you can make a combination to build a beautiful look. Here we share some essential tips by Decorpot interior designers to help you transform the look of your dining space.

Create A Balance with Lighting

Create A Balance with Lighting

A pendant or a single chandelier doesn’t light up the room adequately. So, you can try using general lights as accent lighting.

Closeted, monorail, or track lighting are perfect, says Interior Designers in Bangalore. These lights allow you to highlight some architectural elements or bring any art piece in focus. If you don’t have any art to exhibit, use decorative wall sconces to use them.

Make A Statement

Pendant lights are perfect for the dining space. You can try hanging a cluster of lamps or a chandelier to elaborate the look. Home interior designers in chennai recommend finding the finest of the chandeliers or pendant lights in the shops that sell antique and add to your style.

Try to Create A Spotlight

Try to Create A Spotlight

With a spotlight idea, you can create an inviting atmosphere, says the dining room interior designers in Bangalore who have prior worked on similar projects. You can beautify any object in the corner of the room, a vase or a console, or a wall painting. When you organize a dinner party, there is nothing more captivating than this.

Wall Lights

Experimenting with wall lights will never disappoint you. You can create a symmetric space by placing two lights at equal distance or on either end of the dining room. Our professional interior designers in Hyderabad have tried this with various home interiors, and people love this look.

Align in A Row

Align in A Row

Do you want to try a different look? Then you can hang pendant lights relatively low in a row over the dining table to give a variant look. With this idea, you can light up your kitchen if you have an adjoined dining table to help you lose the sense of your surroundings as you dine.

Candlelight Essence

Having a candlelight idea of designing your dining space may appear luxurious but not entirely practical to go with it. You may get the old-styled silver candelabra with four stems and place them in the center of the table or at the corners of a bigger dining table.  This is old-fashioned, yet the essence is mesmerizing.

Recessed Lighting

To experiment with less is more, you may try closeted lighting across the ceiling. Added to that, you can highlight a sculpture or an artwork to create calming effects.

Table Lamps

Table Lamps

They add a different spectacular beauty to the room. Place it on a side trolley, a cupboard, or a corner table, and illuminate your dining space. You may have one or two wall lights installed as a backup, but your table lamps are your preference. Lighted table lamps will bring back vibes from the olden days. This is a favorite choice among the interior designers in Bangalore for home designing projects where people combine old style with a contemporary touch.

Table lamps serve best their purpose in homes with low height ceilings creating a style statement when lit.

Final Words

Whichever style you like, there are always more ideas that you can explore. Have a talk with our experts at Decorpot, and create a perfect dining room lighting experience for your home.