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Best home interior designers in Bangalore -  SPECTACULAR INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM

Living rooms have become more than just a place to spend your leisure time. It's where, nowadays, people work, socialize, have food and some even sleep on the couch at times. So they want it to be special in all ways. Lots of trends keep evolving from floors to walls to all the furnishing and positioning in the living room designed day by day. We will help you with some spectacular living room interior designs for your home exclusively from the best interior designers in bangalore.

Mix of Vintage and modern for your living room

The touch of vintage along with the trend will give you the perfect blend of beauty in your living room. Adding some antiques in your living room brings an imperial look and thus gives an artistic feel. The antiques with the backdrop of modern colored palettes and finishes strike a perfect balance in your living room.

Minimalistic living room

Minimalism took over the world and it is everywhere. It\'s all about doing the basics right and keeping it simple yet elegant. White takes the center stage mostly when it comes to minimal designs. They give you a sense of peace and also brighten your living room. Recessed shelves can put an end to the need for separate cupboards or showcase areas. These designs will make your living room more spacious and give you a comfortable feel.

Nature inside your living room

Integrating nature into your living room will not only bring you a breath of fresh air, but it is also eco-friendly. Greeneries always bring you a pleasant look and serenity in your home. Wooden tables and furniture automatically go well with plants. Letting more natural light in with a white backdrop will let you feel nature. They also cost less compared to antiques and other decorative items and also act as air purifiers.

Wallpaper for your living room

Some people don't want just empty walls, they want details there. With wallpapers, you can achieve a theme-based design as per your wish. Modern wallpapers are one of the trending design ideas that resonate with the aesthetics of home interiors. You can also get customized printed wallpaper of different patterns that suit your living room. They bring an elite feel and are also eye-catching.

Partitioned spaces for your living room

You just can't say no to multi-functional living rooms. You can use the spaces very well by allotting spaces for different tasks. You can add your sofa in the center for leisure and add your reading table or dining on the other side or corner. It makes your living room well-equipped and saves you a lot of space.


One can safely say that the living room is the ideal display area of your home. So thinking twice and taking time to make a perfect one for yourself is not a bad plan. Instead, you can always reach Decorpot to unload that pressure off your shoulder in finding the best living room design for your home with the help of our top interior designers in Bangalore. We make your living experience better.