Space Saving Furniture Ideas

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Space saving is something you should plan before you’ve furnished your house. And if you’ve learned this the hard way, you’d know from having experience with your previous house/apartment; there is always a way you could have more space in all the areas of your house. But if you have a budget to follow and can’t let go of material belongings easily, making space in an already-furnished place can be very difficult. 

So, if you’ve just got a new house or apartment or are planning to renovate your old home, here are some ideas. These ideas can help you keep your home clutter-free and functional in all the rooms. From space-saving furniture living room to getting more space in your wardrobe, you’ll find all the new creative ways to shape up your new house to make it more spacious. Let's see the best 10 space-saving furniture ideas in 2023 from our interior designers in bangalore. 

10 Space Saving Furniture Ideas 2023

Use Wardrobe Accessories

Use wardrobe accessories

Start with organizing inside storage space for less clutter. Even though it may seem trivial, it is actually one of the best and easiest ways to implement space-saving furniture in your home. It requires minimal investment and will allow you to keep your storage spaces looking more organized and easily accessible. You will also be able to store much more in them than you would expect. Instead of investing in a new space-saving wardrobe for small rooms, you can make do with what you already have. All you will need are sectioned draw

Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Choose sliding wardrobes

If you are indeed getting a new wardrobe, choose one with sliding doors if you have limited space. It will help you stay more organized and save wall space in your apartment, allowing it to look more spacious and open. Plus, sliding doors will allow you to divide the wardrobe into sections easily for different members of your family. A win-win for everyone.

Stair Storage

This incredible storage idea can be a game-changer for your home. Not only is it very practical, but it can also be a great special feature for your home. By simply adding drawers to your stairs, you can get a lot of new storage that doesn’t take up any extra space in your home. This is a great modern way to add extra storage in your home for things you don’t need all the time but must be kept securely.

Angling Sofa

Angling Sofa

Geometry is of great help when you are trying to save space in your interiors. It will allow you to make your interiors look more spacious and create differences between the different parts of your living room. By simply adding a narrow table with some storage, you can create a distinction in your room between the dining and lounging area. It is one of the lesser-used space-saving techniques, so make sure you utilize it to get more space in your home without any expense.

Remove Doors/Add Partitions

Doors create a sense of small interior space. If you have the opportunity, try and remove as many doors as possible from your room structurally during the planning phase. It will help you create more wall space and larger interiors. And while you are at it, try and create partitions instead of doors. Partitions are free wall spaces, which you can use to create depth and space in your interiors, giving the illusion of larger space than there is.

Mirror Storage for Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Mirrors are a great place to add some much-needed storage in your bathrooms. But did you know they are equally useful in your bedroom as well? Just don’t have them directly facing your bed, and you’ll be all good. Storage is crucial for basic toiletries and essential items that are small and easily misplaced. This way, you will be able to save space and keep the essential items safe.

Use Storage Bed

Use Storage Bed

Storage beds are just good, they come at a bit of an extra cost, but if you are looking for space-saving beds for small rooms, these can be a great option. The added cost ensures you have a plethora of storage that is easily accessible and can store all your belongings safely and away from the eyes of visitors. This allows your interiors to look clean and uncluttered, showing off more space.

You Can Also Use Wall/Sofa Beds

Beds take up a considerable amount of space in your home, so getting storage beds makes a lot of sense for your primary bed. However, for a secondary or guest bedroom, you can get wall beds. If you are looking for incredible space-saving bed ideas, this is the one. Wall beds are comfortable, and they don’t take up any space when not in use. Plus, they can be large enough, so that’s all you will need for space-saving double bed ideas. Another great space-saving single-bed idea would be getting a sofa bed. You don’t even have to have a separate guest room. Simply turn your lounge area into a temporary bedroom with sofa beds.

Space saving Desks

Space saving Desks

Looking for space-saving desk ideas? Foldaway desks can be just the thing you need. It is modular and doesn’t take up extra space when not in use. It also ensures that your home office has the usual work space without it becoming too cluttered or making your room look small.

Utilize Storage Benches

Storage benches, also known as daybeds, can be a great addition to your hall space if you have adequate space. They are narrow in size and can perfectly fit without taking up excessive space. Plus, they have storage compartments, which can be used to store important tools and repair kits, which are important but only needed at some times. The best part is that these benches are useful for both home and apartment owners to add much-needed space-saving storage in their homes.


Space-saving furniture has become all the more popular nowadays with the rising shrinkage in land availability and apartment square footage. However, the grim reality apart, these furniture items are very useful in helping you improve the look and feel of your interiors. To make the best use of space-saving furniture, get in touch with us at Decorpot today. We can help you improve your interior space without sacrificing the storage space of your home. And with our interior designers in bangalore, you will be able to get a home that is spacious, uncluttered, and picturesque. To try our services or learn more, book a callback from our website today.