Six Smart Study Space Design Ideas for Your Kids

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Six Smart Study Space Design Ideas for Your Kids

Do your children despise doing their homework? For restless little minds, homework may be a boring task, and most kids would rather play than sit down with their books. Gone are the days when our parents used to simply put us in a room with our siblings. Today, kid’s room needs to act as fun play areas, study zones and what not! Creating a lively and engaging study space is not just conducive to studying but also sets the right tone for your kid for activities that make them grow and learn. Make studying a pleasurable experience for them, and you'll never have to remind them to finish their schoolwork on time again!

These six modern study space ideas by our expert Interior Designers in Bangalore at Decorpot will help you create a space that your kids will truly adore:

Make It Personal for Your Kid

Consider the individuality of your child and include bits of personality, favorite items/activities, or meaningful memorabilia that will make the room unique—without being distracting, of course. There are so many ways to make your child's homework area not simply a place for work, but a place they name their own, from pictures on the walls to color-coded things.

Position the Desk in the Right Place

Dr. Lori Woodring, a Child Psychologist suggests, placing the kid's desk near the window, overlooking the backyard can lead to distraction. Despite the popular belief that gazing at the sky will help with tackling timetables, most kids will do better if the desk is facing away from a window or door.  Instead, putting the desk against a wall will actually make your child glance up at important papers and reminders on the wall. 

Provide Ample Lighting

There should be enough lighting for your child to stay focused and attentive. Task lighting, whether it's a table lamp or pendant lights, is a must-have for any desk or workspace, regardless of the age of the children, suggests Study Room Interior Designers in Bangalore.  Provide a table lamp for focused lighting as well as some overall room illumination.

Keep It Clutter-Free

It is important to maintain a clutter-free and orderly environment in your kid’s study room in order to develop focus. The children will be able to work in a safe environment if the place is kept clean, as suggested by Home Interior Designers in Bangalore. Make storage space available in the room and Keep loose paper organized with magazine files and folders, and stationary in drawers or holders.

Embrace Bright Colors

Bright colors excite the brain and can help in information retention in children. Use Classroom Color theory to aid learning at home in Interior in Bangalore. Green helps with focus and orange boosts the mood.  Blue is known for its relaxing properties, while red is thought to inspire creativity!

Keep a Reading Nook

Reading captivates your child's interest and promotes their imagination. Device-free leisure and, of course, independent reading can both benefit from a warm space to wrap up with a good book. A comfortable position, such as a bean bag, soft chair, or window seat, makes reading accessible to kids and helps them relax and truly immerse themselves in a good book.

Creating a distinct study space brings structure and routine to the study process. You'll never have to worry about your kids' schoolwork again if you provide them with a cool environment that encourages them to sit down and study. We're here to help you build a home they'll adore, so reach out to our expert Interior Designers in Bangalore at Decorpot for fresh ideas and implementation.