Revitalizing Your Home With A Tinge Of Colour Therapy In Your Decor

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Revitalizing Your Home With A Tinge Of Colour Therapy In Your Decor

The use of colors to elicit a therapeutic effect dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Centuries later, color therapy has grown into a science that many of us ardently follow. This is particularly true for the field of interior design.

Since many principles of color therapy are psychological and experiential, you will know it works only by experiencing it. We are here to help you with that. Here is how you can revitalize your home with just a tinge of color therapy in your décor.

Colors set your mood
Colors can draw powerful responses from people. The color violet, for instance, has a calming effect. It is also associated with purification of the mind and the soul. Thus, violet can do wonders when used to paint prayer rooms or bedrooms even. Yellow, on the other hand, is a color that makes your mind active and your persona confident. It goes perfectly with study rooms and offices.

Colour therapy is applicable in all aspects of interior design
Not only your wall color but the colors of your furniture, tapestries, flowerpots, photo frames, etc. also affect your mood. Even your bedsheets and pillowcases have important roles to play. A good contrast brought out with some vibrant furnishings always complements the energy of the dominant color in a room. Thus, we recommend using color therapy in all aspects of interior design.

Balance is important
For a healthy home environment, there must be a perfect balance of colors in its interior design. It is good to avoid making one color overly dominant in a room. For example, too much yellow could have countereffect in the form of hyperactivity. Instead of using too much bright yellow in a room, you can incorporate some blue to add a calming effect. Similarly, you should smartly distribute all colors in different spaces in your house to strike a soothing balance.

Why not just paint everything white?
White is a combination of all colors. So, would it not be much simpler if we painted all rooms white? Yes, the science is rock-solid, but the deduction is not. You want your house to be balanced color-wise, but you still want different rooms to be apt for distinct purposes. Moreover, many people complain that an all-white background sends out gloomy and depressing vibes. Indeed, white tends to have different effects on different people, and an interior designer must always keep this in mind.

Despite the many qualms about all-white walls, many homeowners still opt for them because they are easy, straightforward and cost-effective. If you do decide to paint all your rooms white, we recommend using colorful furnishings to tone it down. This will also help redirect the energies in different rooms depending on their role in the house.

Our inhouse team of interior designers has the skill, talent, and experience to custom design every single space in your home. Imbibe color therapy in your interior décor and revitalize your home with Decorpot, today!