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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - REFRESHING COTTAGE STYLE LIVING ROOM IDEAS

Embracing what feels comfortable to your eye, finding the perfection in imperfect layouts and lines – that is what a cottage style living room stands for. Taking a step away from formal living rooms, the cottage style leans closer to the informal seating areas in comfy nooks around the house which makes it more unique as per interior designers in bangalore.

How to plan for your cottage style living room

A cottage style living room has your personal stamp all over it. This is as much space the family lounges in, as it is an area for guests to be welcomed. Aim on creating a casual space to relax and rest, in a homely atmosphere. Unlike most other living room settings, top interior designers in chennai say this is one aesthetic that can handle a bit of clutter. Lets see some ideas to create a refreshing cottage style living rooms.


Interior designers in Bangalore

The large and comfy sofas with plush cushions and throws that invite you to not just sit but even put your feet up or take a nap in. Forget the co-ordinated look and do a mix-and-match of sofas and armchairs. Many Interior designers in Hyderabad prefer Rounded and curved upholstered furniture in traditional styles as they fit best. A center table in rough-hewn wood is a typical feature. Wicker stools can be a great addition too.

Colour Palette

To create a lived-in appeal to your cottage living room, stick to warm tones and bright contrasts. The palette can be whatever works for you but remember that wood is a highlight element for a cottage feel, so pick tones that compliment the shade of wood in your furniture. Laminated wall prints also bring you the cottage feel and sometimes it makes your living room look as real as a cottage which is proven by many interior designers in bangalore.


In this style of living room, there is more likely to be a collection of personal memorabilia than impersonal artwork or curios. Photographs, artwork by family members, or souvenirs from travels – everything has a touch of personal history. Frilled or crocheted table covers, striped or floral pattern drapes, planters that look handmade, even cabinetry that looks like you put it in yourself – all of these work great in a cottage style living room. Based on a survey done by interior designers in chennai, people like to add more personal touch in their living room rather than go for antiques and other showpieces.


Cottage style homes bring you a refreshing vibe as well as the more rooted and natural touch to one’s lifestyle. Many people nowadays like to go for such themed living room styles for their home. There are still a lot of themes to explore and our best designers from Hyderabad will help yu in designing your dream home.