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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - PERFECT WORKSPACE INTERIOR DESIGNS FOR YOU HOME

During the pandemic, most people were subjected to work from home and it is still continuing in many places. For organizations, it increases productivity and, for employees, it gives them more time to spend time with their family and home. But in the beginning, it was difficult for people to adapt since they weren't used to having a proper workspace setup in their home. So, nowadays in modern homes, people prefer to have a comfortable and accessible workspace. To achieve that, we are giving some of the best workspace design ideas from interior designers in bangalore for your home.

Workspace cabin

workspace cabin

If you have a spacious room, it is good to go with a separate workspace cubicle in your room. It gives you a proper work setup like an office and it will also be clutter-free. Having a partition or cabin-like setup will let you have more storage space where you can keep your work-related stuff safely.

Bookshelf workspace

bookshelf workspace

This design will let you have a multipurpose workspace. Having a work desk attached to a bookshelf will make your workspace more convenient and accessible. It will also act as a reading table and also as an extra storage space. This will be very useful for rooms with limited space.

Balcony workspace

Working all day inside your walls may be tiring. To work with some touch of fresh air and a good view will be refreshing for you. For that, you can design your workspace on your balcony if there is ample space available. It can be achieved by attaching a desk and some cabinets in one corner by covering the open space. This will save space in your room from having an extra cabinet and chair.

Compact working space

compact working space

For people having smaller rooms, a compact work space attached to the bed will be very useful. Having a reading table and small wooden cabinets attached to the wall will give you enough area to do your daily work. It also looks minimal and modern with proper lighting. Having this setup near the window will allow you to get some natural light.

Blue And White Modern Home Office Design

This home office design by Chennai-based interior designers is a fun and functional space. The blue and white color scheme creates a fresh and inviting atmosphere, while the storage wall with its L-shaped cupboard, lofts, drawers, and mirror is both practical and stylish. The wall-mounted desk, shelf, and unit make the most of the available space, and the overall effect is one of calm efficiency.

Modern Home Office Design

 The best interior designers in bangalore can help you create a home office that is both stylish and functional. This design features two desks placed side by side, perfect for couples or siblings who need to share a workspace. The grey tones of the desk match the modern room colour, while the large mirror on the wall creates a feeling of spaciousness. Plus, there's plenty of storage in the form of a wall-mounted cabinet.


By foreseeing the future, it is clear that having a personal workspace at home will become a priority. So designing them according to our needs and space is a wise move.  These are some perfect workspace designs for your home. To get more workspace designs, you can reach our top interior designers at decorpot now.