Pendant Lights in Home Interiors

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Pendant Lights in Home Interiors

The concept of evolution extends to every facet of man’s life - in our home designs for instance. Interior décor experts are forever looking for ways to surpass their previous creations. Lighting elements are among the most important of their design aids, as our experts at Decorpot will readily agree. 

The humble lamp is a timeless invention that continues to adorn every single home, albeit in different designs. Some styles of lamps never truly go out of fashion, and pendant lights are a great example.


Pendant lights have been popular since ancient times. A single pendant lamp can provide a directed beam of light to a particular spot without taking up much space. Named after the “pendant” of a necklace, this lamp is characterized by a hanging arrangement from the ceiling of a room. 

It can be suspended from a swinging chain, a short wire, or a sturdy pole. A hundred years ago, the pendant lamp was widely used. It was utilitarian and affordable and remains as popular today as it was a century ago because of how versatile it is. 


    > Design experts often cite the right balance of functionality and beauty as the defining parameters of their success. Pendant lights seem to combine a rather winning proportion of these elements. 

    > Pendant lights are a great choice for small areas. Even when there’s limited availability of space, a single elegant pendant light can literally show you your room in a new light.

    > They are extremely adaptable in terms of size and material. This attribute automatically elevates them to the top spot in lighting styles.

    > A pendant light lends itself rather well as a statement piece in a room. An individual piece or a smattering of a few in a personalized arrangement on the ceiling can give the room a rather stylized look.


There is an astonishing variety of pendant lights available today in different designs. Broadly speaking, they fall in one of these design categories:

Bowl Pendant
Among the most common shapes used, it is available in many materials.

Exposed bulb pendant
As the name indicates, it consists of an exposed bulb attached to a stylish cord or other hanging structure.

Drum-style pendant
These typically come in a shaded version. Fabric is a very popular option.

Mini pendant
This is a wonderful option for concentrating light in a small, isolated area to serve a particular purpose.

Abstract pendant
This design style can vary between the boho and the chic, the quirky, and the funky. 

Multiple pendants
A cluster of pendant lights often used to illuminate a spread-out area.

Best Interior Designers in BangaloreAn Island Kitchen with Abstract Geometric Pendant Light


Pendant lights can be mighty useful in some areas. Here are a few examples:

    > Kitchen Island

    > Dining area

    > At entrances and stairways

    > Replacement for a bedside lamp

    > In the study or home office

    > In children’s rooms-in funky designs

Have we got you thinking about a stylish pendant light for your entertainment area? The possibilities are endless and exciting! If you’d like to discuss some ideas, the experienced interior designers at Decorpot will happily add some value to your home interiors charm!