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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - ONAM SPECIAL HOME DECOR IDEAS

The biggest festival of Kerala is almost here. Onam, also called Thiruvonam is an annual festival celebrated as a harvest festival and also marks the return of king mahabali to Kerala. It's a 10-day long festival, on the last day, people will decorate their homes and serve a feast to god and nature to spread happiness and joy throughout their home and land. Let's see some decoration tips from interior designers in bangalore for your home on an auspicious Onam day.

Flower rangoli

flower rangoli

Onam is all about flowers and their fragrances. The Onam flower which is originally known as Ceylon slitworth, is a major flower type that is used for decorations on Onam. Making Flower rangoli is a traditional way of celebrating Onam. It is believed to welcome the king mahabali. Putting a flower rangoli with Onam flower as a major type along with other flowers of yellow, and orange color is the best way to decorate.

Curtains up

curtains up

Using curtains as decorations is the best way to make anything look good. People usually wear white and gold-bordered traditional wear on Onam. Using such white with gold-bordered curtains will bring up the Onam vibe inside your home. It's also a cheap and easy way to decorate which also matches the theme of the Onam festival.

Use lights to glow up

use lights to  glow up

Along with the flower garlands hanging over the wall, adding some light will illuminate their presence. Small LED lights are always one of the best and easiest ways to decorate your house. Using them in different areas with multiple colors will glow up your whole decoration and bring a festive feel to your home.

Simple Add ups

simple add ups

Adding the smallest of details will always make a decoration a complete one. For Onam decor adding certain things that go with traditions will bring you a more authentic approach. Banana leaves over the corner of your home or near the puja area and causing lotus in a bowl of water and keeping it in the middle of your table are some extra things that can make your decoration look more complete and also refreshing. Using small fire lamps or diyas in a circular manner will also work well.

Make full use of art

make full use of art

Art always makes everything better. Painting an art that is more related to the people of Kerala like the kathakali face which is their traditional dance form and sticking it on the wall brings more attraction. Things like Kalari, and coconut trees can be painted, and using them as wallpapers around will add more details to the roots of Kerala and Onam.

Give Your Bedroom a Feel of Onam

We often tend to neglect bedrooms during festive decorations. This Onam, add the festival feels to your bedroom in a traditional way. Keep bowls of sweet-smelling jasmine flowers in the bedroom. Use great-smelling incense sticks to create calm and peaceful vibes. You can opt for fresh-looking floral prints or the traditional textile design of Kerala while choosing cushions, curtains, bedsheets, and rugs for the bedroom. 


Onam is the festival of welcoming happiness and prosperity into homes. we are happy to help you with these Onam special home decor ideas for your home on this auspicious day. We at decorpot wish everyone ‘onam ashamsakal’ and hope it brings all the joy and wealth to your home and family.