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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Onam Decoration Ideas for Home 2023

Step into the vibrant world of Kerala, where festivities come alive with colors, traditions, and heartwarming celebrations. Onam, the joyous harvest festival of this beautiful southern state, is a time for families to come together and create cherished memories. And what better way to immerse yourself in the spirit of Onam than by adorning your home with enchanting decorations? 

You might find interior designers in Bangalore for making your home beautiful.

In this blog post, we will explore the significance of Onam decorations and share some creative ideas to transform your humble abode into a captivating oasis during this festive season. 

So get ready to infuse your home with the essence of tradition and celebration as we dive into delightful Onam decoration ideas for your home from our interior designers in chennai!

How to decorate your home for Onam?

Pookalam at the Entrance and at Pooja Unit

Flowers are the most significant home design motif during Onam. Fresh flowers naturally have a connection to it because it is a harvest celebration with divine significance.

The Pookalam or floral rangoli decorations at the front entry and at your Pooja Unit of the home give off a lively vibe and extend a warm welcome to visitors, not to mention King Bali! In addition to Pookalam, flowers can be included into traditional home decor in whatever way you like; play around with colors and sizes.

The colorful fabric

Have you considered painting your curtains a different color? The Onam season may be the ideal moment to follow the fad! Maybe a Kathakali face print mural to demonstrate your natural enthusiasm in this classical Keralan art form?These kinds of delicacies are available in a wide variety of options, both online and offline. Recently, during the festival season, onam-themed window curtains, bedspreads, and sofa covers have become increasingly popular.

Beautiful garlands with green leaves

Referred to as 'thorans' in the common language. The main doors can be embellished using flower garlands or mango leaves. You may also use Onam holiday decorations to adorn your home's windows and pillars in order to infuse your interiors with the zeal and spirit of the festival.


Install some lights to make your home more luminous. As most people think, lit diyas bring optimism into the home.Look for choices like colorful scented candles, antique lamps, simple fairy lights, or modern chandeliers. Let your personal flair shine through! These individualized Onam decorating products are simple to buy in the market. Therefore, don't worry!

Crafts to Symbolize

Why not pamper yourself during the Onam season in some artistic craft-making?

  • At home, you can create "Nettipattam," tiger masks, and elephant caparisons. The first is to symbolize "Pulikkali," a folk art that is also known as "tiger dance," and the second symbolizes the excitement of an elephant parade. Both of these are related to the Onam holiday.
  • For Keralites, the spelling of Onam means boat racing. Therefore, it would be excellent if you could try creating a boat craft during the Onam season.
  • Try creating little badges and brooches with an Onam motif as well. This Onam, a traditional Kathakali-themed brooch would look great with your Kerala saree and add some flare! If you're going out to see and greet your loved ones while the festivities are going on, you may also use this badge on your clutches!

The perfect match would be if you could use your hands into crafting these things at home. These items can be used to adorn the shelves on your walls. You won't run out of ideas for the same, then. You can get help from online tutorials, just in case!

Add a Classic Touch to Your Walls

You can use mandalas, patterns, or flower carpet patterns to paint your walls so you can really experience the vibrancy of Onam. In that case, you might also rely on Kathakali face painting in your living room. The festival of Onam synchronizes with strength. So, to create a joyful atmosphere, make sure your wall palette is alive!

Decoration with focus points

You shouldn't leave hallways, stairs, or crucial areas of your home unattended. Ensure that the focal points of your home have a statement piece that speaks volumes about Onam.You should not only be concerned that the setup will be expensive. Exuberance can be sparked while also keeping money in your wallet. When that happens, you can rely on straightforward yet elegant decorating concepts like arranging fresh flowers in a water basin.

In your living rooms, you can set up a focal point or hub of activity. Before you start, you can also look at some Onam flower decoration ideas!

In order to lift your mood, you can also plug in some Onam tunes and folk music! Why not let everyone in your home enjoy some traditional Onam paattu (music) by playing a tape of it?

As you prepare the Onam specialties and create floral carpets, allow them to energize you.


So those were a few tips for you on Onam decoration ideas and items. In light of everything said, there are a tonne of additional options for home design that you can look into! As you adopt all of the aforementioned Onam decoration suggestions, remember to prepare yourself by donning a Kasavu dhoti or Kerala saree and accessorizing appropriately to welcome Onam at home.

And most importantly, set aside space to prepare and consume the powerful Sadhya or a feast with a menu! The Onam feast is well-known for its own reasons, and we are confident that it will make your mouth water.

Onam celebrations will soon become a beautiful memory, according to those who have witnessed them over time. However, we are confident that future generations won't abandon their cultural heritage; let's keep the joyous atmosphere of an Onam festival alive!

We hope this post on "Onam Decoration Ideas for Home 2023" was helpful in providing some insights on Onam decoration ideas. So if you are looking for interior designers in Bangalore to decorate your home for this festive season and for customized home interiors, we are just a call away.