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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Most loved Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Do you intend to add summer decor to your living room? Here are some current interior designs for living room for 2023 from our interior designers in coimbatore that you can follow. This will enable you to completely modify any living area so that you and your visitors are at ease during the summer.

Top 6 Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Bring the outdoors into your own home

Although using home plants as aesthetic accents is nothing new, in 2023 the trend will continue towards more natural decorative components. If you have a room that is light and airy, you can bring the summer inside by adding lush plants and blossoming flowers. You can add a bold flash of color to any living space this summer, from monstera and bowstring hemp to tulips and daffodils. If you want to go one step further, it is currently very fashionable to decorate living rooms with numerous plants to make them appear jungle-like.

Adopt the maximalist vogue

You may add a maximalist touch to your interiors and make them stand out by employing eye-catching patterns or elaborate embellishments. Home décor trends range from vibrant hues and abstract art to eco-friendly natural materials if you wish to make it summertime. Additionally, these can be added to the living area to make it look stylish, inviting, and fresh throughout the summer and beyond. Don't forget to include artistic home textiles and to change them according to the season. Naturally, you can play around with this by stacking various patterns and textures to adapt it to any age or style.

A sustainable interior design approach 

Another well-liked theme that will continue to rule interior design in 2023 is the idea of sustainability. Natural materials like linen, wood, and bamboo are included in this because more and more people desire to live sustainably and with less impact on the environment. Upcycling or using recycled materials is becoming more and more popular, and there are many imaginative ideas and fashionable decorations to be found. There are so many inexpensive summer living room decorating ideas available that let you reuse and recycle otherwise useless objects. You can use your imagination to the fullest or pick pre-made decorations made of eco-friendly materials.

Place copper or golden accents

Using metal fixtures on furniture, table legs, lamps, or ornaments on shelves in living rooms are examples of minimalist touches that are currently very in style. Additionally, vintage furniture or contemporary furnishings look fantastic when mixed with such ornamental items from the 20s. This will enable you to add elegant and summery elements to your interior design to give it a nostalgic, rustic, or opulent feel. You may give your living space a fashionable yet timeless feel by blending traditional and simple décor with a dash of opulence.

Choose bricks or tiles

To add more texture to interiors, you may think about designing accent walls in the living room out of light-colored bricks or tiles. These are some of the other living styles for 2023 that are gaining popularity. Additionally, textured walls promote creative interior design by serving as a neutral backdrop for various furniture items, such as sofas or tables.

Select retro lighting for your summer decorations

Lighting fixtures with star-like designs or oval forms, such as chandeliers and lamps, are also popular right now. Lighting is used as a decorative element in 2023 summer living room ideas in a whimsical yet elegant, adaptable, and sophisticated way. This enables you to create a strong statement in the space with little work and in a fashionable way. Additionally, there is growing interest in using well-known design elements in contemporary and eco-friendly ways to improve the appeal and ambiance of living spaces.  


As more people work to make their homes look more vivid, comfort has become a key component of interior design. This may offer any house a distinctive and useful look. Our interior designers in coimbatore are currently concentrating mostly on expressive colors and patterns, as well as natural and sustainable materials, in this regard. They choose more brilliant colors that give living spaces vitality and personality, from vivid yellows and oranges to rich blues and greens. For more inspiring and elegant living room designs and home interior design, you can contact our design experts now!