Most Durable Materials For Modular Cabinetry

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Most Durable Materials For Modular Cabinetry

Modular kitchen in matte finish, solid white laminate

Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or introduce new modular storages and cabinets, here are some materials to help you achieve stellar results. These cabinets are simple to install, aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the appeal of the entire area.

Trouble is, there are a large number of materials that can be used to build cabinetry whether it is for your kitchen or your bedroom or extra storages for living space. While all vary in terms of cost and durability, At Decorpot interior designers in Hyderabad want to ensure that you make the best choice. 

For that very reason, today we’ve decided to compile a list of the most durable materials that you can use to build your modular cabinets. The items have been listed in increasing order of cost, and we’ve also included the pros and cons of each.

Let’s take a look.


These sheets are made up of three layers: a bottom layer of brown paper coated with phenolic resin, on top of it a layer of designed, patterned or solid color paper, and finally a finishing layer. Laminates are usually very cost-effective and come with decorative surfaces. They are usually glued over a stronger base layer, such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard).


   > Resistant to termites and insect infestations

   > Affordable material

   > Easily customizable

   > Moisture resistant

   > Comes is varied options from matte to high-gloss, textured, printed to solid colors


   > Need professional help and precision to install

   > It’s best to use high-quality ones as some inferior varieties may emit toxic gas if not maintained over a prolonged period of time


Also known as wood veneer, these are solid wooden sheets prepared by pasting over a solid substrate. Afterward, the sheets are polished and stained to get the desired surface look. Veneers are more cost-effective than normal wood, though costlier than laminates.


   > Highly Customizable

   > Environmentally sustainable product

   > Less costly than wood and has a natural rustic appearance


   > Natural light exposure may cause discoloration

   > Need frequent polishing


To cut a long story short, acrylic is a non-toxic finish that lends a high-quality appearance to modular kitchen cabinets. It’s a synthetic material, resistant to breakage and can be found in a wide range of colors. Acrylic cabinets are costlier than laminates.


   > Highly durable

   > Scratch-resistant

   > Easy to clean up

   > Long-lasting


   > Although a swipe cleans it all, it picks up dirt and fingerprints easily

   > Slightly expensive product

Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

Sky blue and white lacquered glass wardrobe in a Master Bedroom

Lacquered Glass

The final item that we have for you is lacquered glass, which is made by depositing a layer of lacquer to one side of normal glass. This lacquer is usually a chemical formulation which is applied as an ornamental or protective layer. Lacquered glass cabinets can be extremely stylish, and reflect the good tastes of the homeowners.


   > Resistant to moisture and heat

   > Easy to clean and maintain

   > Enhances aesthetic appeal

   > Doesn’t break easily


   > Expensive product

Final Words

So, those were our top four materials that you can seek while modeling your home or adding fresh storages. At Decorpot, we work with all of the above to create stunning customized designs as per the shape and size preferences, that are absolute head-turners. 

Give us a call and get yourself a design completely tailored as per your home.