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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - MODULAR KITCHEN DESIGN TRENDS THAT ARE GONNA TO WONDERS IN 2023

It’s the time for taking up all the resolutions that goanna change your diet plan this New Year. But yeah we all know it’s just for time being. We will be just back to normal once the resolution fever is over. So it’s inevitable that your kitchen will do what it used to do before but let’s make it better in 2023. Let’s see some new trends in modular kitchen interior design from top interior designers in Chennai that are going to do wonders in 2023.


‘Smart’ might be the word of this century, since the world is getting build revolving around it. Smart phones, smart TV, smart cars and many more to the list that just keeps coming. Smart homes are the one of the coolest things that invented as they are based on automation and customization. Just like that smart kitchen trends are evolving now rapidly. They usually build from bottom to top by utilizing the space very well and have sensors and automated appliances that will make things easy and better for you as per interior designers in Hyderabad.


Kitchen islands have become a mandatory thing to add in your kitchen and also a focal point of it. Since they are very useful, multifunctional and saves a lot of space, people prefer them in their kitchen interior design. So in 2023, the kitchen island with storage cabinets will become a big trend and moving thing as per interior designers in Bangalore. Having cabinets in Kitchen Island will give a lot of free space in kitchen and so it will bring a clutter-free cooking experience.


The finishing of your kitchen interiors plays a huge part in both accessibility and look. Having marble countertops will make your kitchen look glossy as well as clean. They are easy to handle and maintain. The metallic frames on the cabinets and appliances gives out a rich look and also they are very handy than wooden laminated finish. They are known for their durability and shining nature and mostly preferred by interior designers in Chennai.  So marbles and metallic finishes will still rule the kitchen interior design in 2023


The new and evolving trend is putting together multiple type of materials such as granite, wooden, metal, glass, and quartz to bring a unconventionally unique and ultra-modern modular kitchen interior. Having a granite kitchen island with wooden cabinets and furniture’s and kitchen counter top made up of quartz and having glass and metallic cabinet and appliance finish will make a glossy and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Many interior designers in Hyderabad feels that this new trend of customizing will reach many homes in 2023.


The above are some of the design ideas for your modular kitchen interior that will be a hot trend in 2023. There are still lot of design trends in the bag of our interior designers in Bangalore for you. You can sit, discuss and get the best for your home now.



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